Aruba Beach Club

Aruba Beach Club

Located five miles away from the airport, within the Punta Bravo Beach is the only paradise in Aruba where you can find yourself amused with the beach while enjoying high standard accommodations. The Aruba Beach Club was intentionally built this far from the airport so that guests headed to it will have a chance to scour the island and be cast away from the hustles and bustles of the main town for fun and enjoyment. And since it is located just from city hustles, you find yourself being welcomed by the natural Aruban trade winds that come in perfection with the ever-present Caribbean sun. There is also no need for you to journey longer paths just to experience the azure waters because just a few steps away from your hotel room, you can savor the Caribbean Seas.

The Aruba Beach Hotel was made with high end facilities fro you to utilize during your stay there. It has a superior suite which is made to accommodate four people, the deluxe suite for five persons and finally the royal superb suite which can lodge a maximum of six persons. Aside from that, the resort features a swap library, one children’s pool, a children’s playground, four lighted tennis courts, concessionaires and shops and their food and beverage facilities. You don’t have to worry further about your used clothing because the Aruba beach club has the Laundromat that provides washing, dry cleaning and drying services. It also has the daily maid service and the baby sitting service.

There are a lot of organized daily activities which you can engage in while staying in the resort. The Bingo and Pool Aerobics are two of the most popular engagements of guests. This is your chance to get acquainted with different people from any corner of the globe especially if you have been fed up with your solitude on the serene Aruban waters and sands. Yu can also try out the relaxation services offered by the resort’s Serenity Day Spa. Aside from these, amenities like internet café, kiddy pool, shopping arcade and the children’s playground are all made to suit your comfort.

Hotel rates are important considerations when finding an Aruban accommodation. In the Beach Club, rates are made to suit your budget for a vacation. There is a great difference on rates between a member and an ordinary guest. For instance, members can get the royal superb suite at $146 while transient guests could grab this luxury at $195. On the other hand, peak seasons will have different fees, too. Members could grab the superior suite at $150 but transient guests could stay in the same room for $200. These prices are on per night basis and are still subject to a service charge of 20% and other taxes imposed by the local government. Energy tax will be added which is $9.15 for the room for two and for the rest that will be $10 per night.

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