Best Brands Offer Stylish G-Stings

The g-string is the one undergarment that has defied all what’s regular and considered norm. It is also the single most intriguing undergarment, evolving into catchy sub-clones of itself every now and then. G-strings are a huge confidence booster. You want to have a few of them in your lingerie drawer for those days when your feel-good hormones seem to have taken a dive. Nothing says sexy louder than a g-string. Saudi Arabia lingerie stores know this all too well, and have dozens of such collections in stock.

The g-string gets its character from its design. Unlike traditional panty and underwear, the g-string does not provide much in terms of coverage. The frontal patch provides just enough coverage for the crotch and is held in place by a string that extends from each side of the patch, to the back and down the center, leaving the buttocks and thighs bare. Lingerie stores stock g-strings for both men and women. Both types are quite similar in design, the only primary difference between them being that women’s g-strings come in sultrier fabrics and softer colors. Men’s g-strings, on the other hand, come in more solid colors – whites, blacks, greys, navy blues, and browns. Ladies’ g-strings are also often made in or and mesh and spandex to stretch them for fit, while those for men are largely made from spandex and nylon.

The biggest advantage about wearing g-strings is that you can go about your business without worrying about panty lines. When you’re wearing a fitting dress, skirt or pants, putting on a g-string underneath the clothes will keep you comfortable all through the day. You won’t have to deal with the discomfort of a panty that rides up or bunches and gets ‘swallowed’ between your butt crack, as happens with some panty designs. Some people like to keep their g-strings for special occasions, and that’s okay. Others are comfortable wearing a g-string each day of the week. Go with whatever is most comfortable for you; there are no rules on how and when you can wear the g-string.

G-strings from renowned international lingerie designers and brands such as Victoria’a Secret, La Senza, Miracle are in high demand in Saudi Arabia. Pop into your favorite lingerie store to choose from these and many other brands. Pick a g-string in a plain design or opt for one with a ribbon, bow, embroidery, lace trimming or other adornment. Your g-string can have an enclosed string waistband or the strings can be opened and tied on the sides. They even make g-strings with frills these days. What better way to turn on your playful side than with one of these?

G-strings are bold, daring and sexy. They are what you buy when you need to lay bare the sassiest side of you. Check out the wild variety of g-strings put up for sale in Saudi lingerie stores and pick some for yourself. They come in such a wide variety of styles, types, designs and colors that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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