Breitling Watches in Singapore

Breitling watches was predominantly a specialist watchmaker in the making of aviation watches, as you can see the logo of the company; they are sticking to their heritage. The Breitling watches though are today among the most expensive luxury watches in the world and the name Breitling is known worldwide as an epitome of richness, luxury and precise timepieces. In Singapore, you can buy Breitling watches at several shops of course. In this article, we will talk about the history and current standing of Breitling watches and we let you know where to find these expensive watches in Singapore.

Leon Breitling founded Breitling Watches in 1884 and the company has soon founded its specialisation and started with the producing of special aviation watches for pilots. Their most popular model, the Navitimer, was first released in 1952 and it contained all the best featured for flight plan calculations and have become the most favoured timepiece for pilots. Breitling was soon named the “official supplier for the aviation world” and Breitling Watches have become partners with the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association). Breitling released watches with both their logo and solely with the logo of the AOPA. Then Breitling came up with the idea to provide its watches with a 24 hour dial instead of the normal 12-hour dial. This dial method was much more useful for the astronauts. This timepiece was released under the name Cosmonaute Navitimer. The Breitling Emergency version was also released this time. This watch has included a radio transmitter that could emit the distress beacon, which can be heard from 90 nautical miles. Breitling has also made several great chronographs. Not too long ago, Breitling had a campaign together with the British car brand Bentley.

Today, Breitling’s most famous models include Aeromarine, Chronomat and their limited timepieces such as the Navitimer Constellation Chronograph, the Navitimer, Professional, Superocean which is a special diving watch that can be used up to 2000 meter (6.600 Feet) depth. Windrider model of Breitling is also world famous. Today, the Breitling Watches count as a sign of wealth, luxury and great taste in professional watches. Breitling has its label stores all around the world and their watches are sold by several exclusive watch retailers. In Singapore, Breitling watches are sold to the few who can afford these exceptional timepieces. The class in which these watches belong will never go out of any fashion for sure.

In Singapore, you can find Breitling’s label store in the brand new Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall. The most popular Singapore retail selling Breitling watches is the company called The Hour Glass, the stores of which can be found in every big shopping mall of Singapore, along the Orchard Road and the Raffles Boulevard, the two most popular shopping zones of Singapore. The current best shopping mall where the stores of The Hour Glass and several other label stores of worldwide famous Swiss brands are all located also include the brand new ION Orchard Mall which you can quickly notice, thanks to its futuristic shiny outlook.

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