Camel Racing in Abu Dhabi

Have you witnessed motors dazzling on roads, furious cars on tracks, camel racing on tacks? Well, you read it right – camel racing! However, in Abu Dhabi it is no longer unusual! Camel racing is actually one of the main attractions in this place.

Camel racing is one of the main tourist attractions that Abu Dhabi can offer! Well, that is aside from neat beaches, adventure islands, museum, and the likes, which are already common to country goers. Camel racing can be considered as one of the spectacular experiences that a person could have. Of course aside from its being a new experience, this will really shoo away ones boredom from the usual strolling at the mall and bar hopping.

Make your visit in Abu Dhabi a real memorable one. Have some exciting camel racing experience! Actually, the said involvement in the race is not just only an experience. Camel racing is a great fun and excitement because of its offered sporty experience.

Camel racing for sports’ enthusiasts is a main highlight during winter seasons. Camel racing is usually done during Thursday and Friday mornings. Camel racing is usually held at special tracks around the city. During public holidays, camel racing is really a wonderful view. Every citizen is filled with excitement, enthusiasm and fervor in cheering his or her bets! In addition, it is not only the chill that can fill the crowd, but also the given considerable prizes in monetary value. Just try to consider, registering to camel racing experience is for free! Well, it is really such a good experience that you can earn money while having some fun.

Take part in their tradition, experience camel racing!
Yes, camel racing is not just a simple sport event in Abu Dhabi but also camel racing is already part of Abu Dhabi’s history. The said sport has become a part of the Abu Dhabi’s culture and traditional sport. It boosts up tourism.

It was just so recent that Emirates Heritage Club successfully held a Camel Racing Festival as part of the tradition. The society holds camel racing twice a year. For this year’s camel racing edition, a total of 26 competitions were held successfully. The said camel racing festival for this year was concluded with 12 races on the first day while 14 more games were done in the second day. That camel racing event was participated by riders from 60-70 years of age. The said camel racing event for this year was categorized by varying age groups. However, the camel racing experience was also for ages. Actually even boys of 10 years and above are welcomed in that camel racing festival.

Although, that camel racing event was welcomed and opened only to Emirates, the spectators were really amazed and dazzled by the breathe taking camel racing experience.

Camel racing in Abu Dhabi is really one of the best experiences that a tourist can ever have. So if you would be visiting the city on winter days, don’t lose the chance to become an eye witness of the remarkable camel racing event because thrill and excitement will really fill your veins!

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