Changi Beach

Changi Beach is for the real fans of nature and peaceful activities. Apart from being a beach in its area, you can find lots of nature related activities. Changi Beach in full is called Changi Beach Park, which indeed means that it is not free. Yet, it looks beautiful, with lots of trees giving you always the chance to hide from the hot sun.

The nearby lying Singapore River shows you its beautiful mangrove swamps, there are worldwide unique birds you can photograph or catch sight of at the Changi Beach. In addition, the Changi Beach is perfect for those who love the sight of airplanes, as the nearby lying Changi International Airport of Singapore is busy. If you got a little bit further down by the river, you can catch sight of a little port housing the local fishing boats, which normally go out in the evening or at night before dawn. Changi Beach is a little bit further from Singapore’s downtown but you can easily get there by car, tram or buses. This is a perfect beach with all the ordinary activities, amenities and facilities. The beautiful beach is not that famous among Singapore locals, yet receives all the locals coming from Changi Village, especially the weekends, so it is quite busy at that time. During the weekdays, the Changi Beach is a lot less visited so if you want to enjoy some peace at a place not that usual for Singaporeans to go, do not miss the chance to see Changi Beach.

If you want to buy supplies of food and drinks before, after or during being on the beach you can visit the shopping area nearby the beach where you can buy everything from food to rubber waterbed or an inflatable armchair and any other toys for your children. If you want to do something different, then you can catch a Changi boat going to the nearby lying Pulau Ubin Island one Rainforest Island of Singapore. Here at the delta where Changi River Runs to the ocean is an exceptionally beautiful site with all the little boats including those, which go to Pulau Ubin Island. A journey to Pulau Ubin is like going back in time. The relaxed village of Pulau Ubin will give you great chance for taking photos and feel the relaxed era of the island. Pulau Ubin is very close to Malaysia as well which you can even view from the island. If you would like to go for a nice walk then do not miss the chance to visit this great little island. The boat trip there is especially beautiful.

Nearby the Changi Beach lies the Changi Village, really worth visiting for its authentic style, great stores and restaurants. Nearby the Changi Beach, you will find the following attractions: Loyang Tua Pek Kong Buddhist temple, simply beautiful to photograph, Changi Point Coastal Boardwalk a great seaside park. Overall, do not miss visiting this relaxed less visited and known area of Singapore, which is more than worth seeing.

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