City Square Mall Singapore

Singapore has all different sorts of shopping malls, all of which make shopping a great and diverse experience in the city. This time, we will explore a unique shopping mall, the City Square Mall, which is Singapore’s very first Eco-Mall, being among the only ones of such sort in the whole world.

City Square Mall is the result of a great and challenging idea which was about how to make such a huge building, which serves people’s needs almost non-stop, to still being able to spare high amounts of energy while being used. The website of City Square Mall enlists all the great ways its founders use in order to spare huge amounts of energy and natural resources and shows a great example for all such establishments in the world. The great mall in the meantime serves customers conveniently on its five levels and it is equipped with a great number of extra amenities, which make the mall one of the most beloved family malls in Singapore.

City Square Mall is located in the downtown of Singapore in the middle of beautiful New World Park that makes this mall the very first shopping mall in the world to be integrated with a park. City Green Park is full of playful activities to further teach adults and kids likewise about the importance of protecting our environment. The great complex can be found at the junction of Serangoon and Kitchener Roads, right next to the popular Little India district that is highly visited for its colourful stores, buildings and festivals. The shopping mall has direct connection to Farrer Park MRT Station that makes the shopping mall convenient to reach. The large mall gives home to more than 200 stores, which means you can find everything what you may be looking for in City Square Mall. Although it is not the mall for luxury brands, you can get to find great high quality stores of apparels, footwear, books or gadgets when you are looking around in here. City Square Mall was established to give a low to mid-budget customers a great shopping experience.

Let us take a quick look to what City Square Mall could reach with being an Eco Mall, to show an outstanding example to lead the next generation of shopping malls:
• Annual Electricty Saving – over 12 million KWh yearly ( equivalent of the yearly consumption of 4000 2 room flats)
• Reduction of Co2 emission: Over 6000 ton per year – equivalent of the amount absorbed by 160.000 trees!
• Annual Water Savings: over 20.000 m3 yearly – equals to the size of 10 Olympic-size swimming pools

Aren’t these figures breathtaking? With the hope of even more shopping malls and living buildings to follow this great example, with the help of City Square Mall we can get to see how much we can save, if we pay attention.

Some of the most notable stores here include the following: Metro Department Store, Fair Price Supermarket, Fashion stores of Esprit, Cotton On, Giordano, Poh Heng Jewellery, Guardian Health and Beauty store, Best Denki Electronics among many –many shops more. We highly suggest you to pay a visit to this great and easily accessible shopping mall, the City Square Mall, which shows the way for the next generations, on how to save great amounts of energy when trying.

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