Designer Jewellery in Singapore

Singapore is the heaven for women who love to spoil themselves, finding good jewellery to wear. Since there are thousands of stores and boutiques which sell jewellery available in the city, surely women will not get bored for nothing. They may be confused to find the right pieces of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings for them; but they will not get out of option. Designer jewellery is style of jewellery which is quite demanding in Singapore. No matter it is the local designer or international scale designer, the products from the skillful and experienced designers are always highly appreciated.

People love to buy the designer’s products since they are usually exclusive and not produced in large quantities. The qualities of the products are also guaranteed because the spirit of craftsmanship is truly carried in the designers’ workshops. In addition, some collections are only one-of-a-kinds, which makes the product becomes highly exclusive. Some boutiques which give hauteur couture even give special service for personalized products. That ways, the designer jewellery is always demanding. There are many styles and designs of jewellery made by designers available in Singapore. From the simplest to the most exclusive ones; all products are available in one-spot-jewellery shopping-city.

Platinum Style
The rareness of the material marks the value of the jewellery made of platinum. Since the precious metal is available only in very limited amount in this world, the price of jewellery made of platinum is quite high. The designers usually make the jewellery made of platinum in limited edition, considering the amount of the metal itself is limited. People who can afford the jewellery will wear it as the symbol of pride, power, and wealth. Rich women will choose the pricey metal as their jewellery for their wedding or engagement ornaments. In Singapore, the companies that will give the women choices are for examples Boucheron, Chanel, De Beers, Bvlgari, and Anna Maria Camilli. The best jewellery designers in the world are gathered by those companies to produce the best jewellery with high authenticity and value. With such a value, no wonder that the platinum’s brightness will last for a very long time so that it looks new every day.

Golden Style
Nothing can beat the popularity of gold in the jewellery business. Since a long time ago, gold as the vogue of precious metal still remains. Not only does it give unlimited beauty in each of gold jewellery, it also offers stability in the market. Nearly all jewellery companies in Singapore, except those which specialize themselves in making jewellery from certain metal other than gold, compete to produce the most exquisite design of gold jewellery. The designer jewellery made of gold keeps demanding year by year. The brands of jewellery available in Singapore such as Lee Hwa Jewellery, On Cheong Jewellery, Tian Po Jewellery, and Kim Guan Jeweller are very popular. They have exclusive products of gold jewellery.

Silver Style
Do not push yourself to buy jewellery made of platinum. If you still want jewellery with white shine with more possible budget, turn to silver right now. Although the particular silver designer jewellery will be cheaper than those made of gold and platinum, but there are also exclusive silver ware which are very expensive. Silver has the whitest reflection, even more than platinum. Therefore, the metal is worthy to be made into beautiful jewellery. The brands of designer jewellery in Singapore which provide silver collections are for examples Joy Jewellery, Peppy jewellery, Heart to Heart jewellery, and Autium jewellery. Those are reliable brands, staffed with international-experienced designers to tailor the best jewellery designs made of silver.

Semi-precious style
Although the title contains “semi”, it does not mean that this style offers a “cheap” appearance. This style is identical with the use of semi-precious metals and semi-precious gemstones. Not all people can afford to buy expensive metals such as platinum or gold, and expensive gemstones such as diamonds and pearls. Instead, they are only able to buy cheaper semi-precious designer jewellery made of stainless steel such as titanium, with beads from onyx, topaz, or amber. In Singapore, it really does not matter. The jewellery artists now have ways and technologies to create “semi” things look like the real glamour things. Visit jewellery boutiques in Orchard Road, Bugis Junction, Little India, or China Town in Singapore to prove it!

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