Discover The beautiful Tanjong Beach

Singapore is famous for trying to do its very best for all flavours and so do with its best beaches, which are located on the Sentosa Island a real resort and fun park island of Singapore where you can get in 10 minutes from the downtown with the cable car. One of the beautiful beaches of Singapore’s Sentosa are called Tanjong Beach and it’s famous for being the relaxed intimate beach of the island, dedicated for those who want to listen to the sound of the waves instead of the sound of other beach visitors.

Tanjong Beach is a very beautiful place without the usual crowd of people. It is dedicated for those who want to enjoy the sight of the beach and the sea, strolling along it alone or with their partner. It is a great place for seeing the sunset together. The Tanjong Beach is located a little bit far from the usual attractions and its the smallest of the three main beaches of Singapore, with the family friendly Palawan Beach and the Siloso Beach always full of action. Yet it should not withhold you as the public transportation system of the island is simply great! Yet going by car to Sentosa is also possible yet you will need to leave your vehicle in one of the public parking lots or the parking lots of one hotel and then continue on foot or by the public transportation, which vary from buses to trams and makes going around the island very easy.

Although Tanjong Beach is left alone and there are no bars or seaside shops or restaurants, you can spend a quality time in the Tanjong Beach Club, a really colonial style complex which welcomes everyone with delicious meals, pool and fitness amenities and with a great bar. The Tanjong Beach Club is a beautiful place perfect for having a break and occasionally it holds parties, which make the beach atmosphere even hotter at Tanjong Beach too.

As the Sentosa Island is not a huge Island, there are not many things located really far from Tanjong Beach. The beautiful island offers all sorts of free-time activities and if you wish to do a little bit of hiking, you can do it as the rainforest part of Sentosa is just minutes away from the beach. One of the nicest programs of Sentosa Island perfect for couples is the Sentosa Feng Shui trail which is none other than a beautiful excursion to explore the positive energies of the island, completed by the visiting of the largest jadeite of Singapore located at the Sentosa island right by the Merlion. Other romantic programs include the visiting of Spas and all the beautiful attractions of Resorts World including the Universal Studios, which await you with unlimited programs, places and games. You can see and even swim with the fishes at the Underwater Zoo, Dolphinarium of the island; the beautiful Butterfly and Insect Kingdom will tell you about the beauty of nature, and the exploring trails are great to learn more about the nature and biology of Singapore.

As you see Tanjong Beach together with all the great facilities and programs of Sentosa Island means a great holiday retreat for everyone who loves the peaceful beach atmosphere with the possibility to do something entirely different on the other half of the Sentosa Island in just 10 minutes.

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