Discover These Popular Beaches of Mauritius

For those who want to have a very exotic and thrilling summer escapade, they usually hit the beaches of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. This, of course, includes the island of Mauritius. The beaches here in Mauritius are considered as one of the most stunning in the whole world. However, most of the sparkling waters and sands found on the areas of Mauritius which are very hard to find and hard to go to as well. However, the panoramic views and captivating sceneries make it all worthwhile. Be delighted as you spend your most romantic vacation or a family holiday in these favorite destinations by most tourists.

There are several beaches in Mauritius offering privacy to those who want to stay in a secluded area, away from the crowd. Fine white sands, cottages made out of pines, and coasts dotted by huge coconut trees are the things that would make you want to stay here in the secluded beaches in Mauritius. There are also a lot

of activities that can be done here that the whole group will surely love. Such activities includes banana boat ride, jet ski, and other water sport activities where only few people can be seen doing so. There is no need to wait in line just to experience such thrilling activities.

However, there are also public beaches here in the island of Mauritius. This is where a lot of hotels and restaurants are located. Most accommodations are very inexpensive. But if you prefer to stay at a luxurious room where champagne and strawberries are ready to greet you, there are also several first-class hotels that are more than willing to welcome you. Although the public beaches accommodate a lot of locals and tourists, the water and the environment is still breath-taking. Moreover, the calm water all-year round can be enjoyed even by tourists who have children along with them.

In the Northern region of Mauritius, there are at least five public beaches that can be visited by locals and tourists alike. But the one that truly stands out is the Trou-Aux-Biches. The Trou-Aux-Biches is filled with fine white sands, calm blue waters, and of course, the filao trees. The beaches are not the only locations rampant here in the Northern region. Few minutes away from the Trou-Aux-Biches is another tourist destination called the Aquarium. This is where people can get close to the marine species of Mauritius.

By day, the beaches here in Mauritius are the most relaxing places in the island. This is where you can simply relax, unwind and get comfortable. However, by night, the beaches are turned into a place where people can get together, enjoy good food as well as good music. Most restaurants located at the coasts turns their establishments into pubs, bars, and cafes. This is a great time to enjoy the nightlife and the coast of the island at the same time. For those who want to experience more than just a tropical holiday, the island of Mauritius is definitely the place to be.

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