Exclusive Necklaces by Tiffany

Tiffany, being one of the world’s top jewellers, has several showrooms also in Singapore – the City of Shopping. The great US brand has been in jewellery trading for more than a hundred years, and during this time, it has become one of the most exclusive brands with its jewellery equalling premiere quality. Tiffany is also worldwide famous for its gigantic number of collections and designers which design for the brand either temporarily or continuously. Therefore, we can see dozens of different designs at Tiffany’s which this way does not really has only one signature style. Let us look at Tiffany necklace creations and collections we can get to see in Singapore.

Tiffany has started business in 1837 with selling stationary and silverware. They keep the tradition ever since which make Tiffany and Co. the only one of the elite jewellery, which still offers silver and Sterling silver jewellery, home and kitchenware goods. Another interesting aspect of the brand is that it was the very first jeweller in the world, which started to take non-white coloured diamonds seriously. The huge yellow Tiffany Diamond has today become a sort of a symbol of the brand, which offers an exclusive collection of only yellow diamonds for its customers, next to offering white diamonds too.

Let us see in which Tiffany collections and categories can we get to see Tiffany necklace creations:

• Tiffany necklace and pendants: Browse between the gold, white gold, silver and diamond collection of necklaces made by 10 top designers, such as Elsa Peretti. Here you can find top quality Tiffany necklace sets and some greatly unique designs in collections such as Tiffany 1837, the beads, Key, Lock, Return to Tiffany, Paloma Picasso or Victoria each collection representing a different style and characteristic of a jewellery.

• Men’s jewellery: In this category, you can see stainless steel, Rubedo Metal (trademark-registered metal of Tiffany) and silver. Designers like Paloma Picasso have really created an outstanding collection of male Tiffany necklace and pendant sets, rings and bracelets.

• Silver Jewellery: Tiffany offers outstanding quality silver necklaces and pendants. In order to make its silver collection unique, they have decided to mix it up with the inclusion of the pink coloured Rubedo metal, which makes the silver Tiffany necklace creations outstanding and overly famous.

• Tiffany Alphabet: The necklace and pendant collection features the letter wished by customer in different beautiful styles. Designers such as Elsa Peretti have really contributed much to this beautiful category of necklaces.

• Statement Jewellery: Offering the haute couture designs of the brand, here you can find the unique and most expensive precious jewellery such as necklaces richly decorated with gemstones and beautifully designed to create its wearers an outstanding experience.

• Tiffany Yellow Diamonds: Featuring the unique collection of the yellow Tiffany diamonds, this collection is all about elegance. The Tiffany necklace creations featured here are unique and genuine; therefore, they are a must-see for every jewellery fan.

Tiffany has over ten showrooms in Singapore, most of them being located inside the city’s luxurious shopping malls along Orchard Road and Raffles Square or Bayfront. With Tiffany necklace creations being widely available in Singapore, you will have the chance to end up with a beautiful Tiffany necklace here.

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