Exclusive Resorts in Mauritius

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re a business owner. You’re looking to build a stunning holiday resort, offering everything a holidaymaker could possibly desire. You want to create somewhere that is a tiny world of it’s own, offering beauty and ebullience at every turn, a place that people would return from and gush about it to their friends for weeks afterward. Now, do you build your amazing resort amidst a crowded European tourist scene, or do you look for something a little more original, a little more breathtaking?

Of course, you’d go for the latter. Resorts may exist across the world, but any business developer would reserve the best of the best for countries that deserve it. Countries with a rich culture, stunning scenery and ready-made facilities and activities due to the gift of nature. So where do you build your resort? Well, if you’ve any sense, you build it in Mauritius.

With Mauritius, you could probably build the worst resort in the world and it wouldn’t matter. Your guests would still have crisp air, undeniably awe inspiring scenery and the most unspoiled beaches and seas in the world. Yet most Mauritius resorts do nothing but compliment the island’s natural beauty, built to the highest quality and specifications, simply because anything less could well be considered an insult to this most beautiful of countries.

Mauritius resorts are unlike anything else in the world. All are designed with the island in mind, rarely inflicting ugly buildings and unnecessary facilities that may detract from the island’s God-given awe. A Mauritius resort doesn’t need to come up with an idea, a concept, an inspiration; nature has already provided.

Most resorts in Mauritius offer everything that you could possibly need. Golf courses are a popular feature, some of which are reserved exclusively for people staying at the resort. Endless greens of natural lush grass, allowing you to indulge in 18 holes with volcanic mountains and peaks behind you. There are also plenty of spas, some offering native treatments unlike anything experience on the high street at home. You can sample some of the best food in the world at the restaurants within resorts, gazing out over the Indian Ocean as you do.

And it is with the Indian Ocean that many Mauritius resorts really come into their own. Along the same theme of playing with what the island provides, a popular features is to have the main resort complex stretch entirely down the beach, right to the water’s edge. This is a trick often repeated, but never bettered. Somehow, amidst the wonderful melding of thoughtful design and nature at it’s best, it is hard to understand why a five star hotel rating could be given to anywhere else.

Mauritius resorts also provide for the adventure seeker in all of us, with some resorts boasting small areas of private beaches with their own coral to explore. Lessons in scuba diving are available everywhere, as is equipment hire, should you wish to do more than just paddle and snorkel.

Getting a resort right is hard to do, but Mauritius makes it easy. You can be sure that should you be fortunate enough to be able to book a stay, no Mauritius resort will ever let you down. After all, this is where the best build their resorts, in an island that truly deserves it.

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