Exclusive Swiss Watches in Singapore

It is no secret that the best watches in the world are in fact the Swiss watches. Switzerland has become the primary watch dealer of Europe and then of the world in the beginning of the 18th century and ever since they wear the crown of luxury watch making. The Swiss brands of luxury watches are indeed uncountable there is so many of them. Their trademark though is the same: they do the best watches in the world. No matter, it is Rolex, Omega or Patek Philippe; all these great brands are represented in Singapore in multiple stores. Let us look at where we can find the biggest variety of the highest quality Swiss watches in this beautiful city Singapore.

A watch is made in different types and in different brands. You might have heard some brands like Rolex and Omega. They are the current top brands of Swiss watches. A Swiss watch is very well-known in all over the world and it is quite often sold in a high price. Switzerland is the country where a Swiss watch is produced and known as the place that produces world’s watches in significant amounts. It is about 95% of watches that have been produced in Switzerland.

Nowadays, Swiss watches are spread through the world and do not rule out the possibility that there are many replicas of these watches. There are certain conditions that a watch is known as a Swiss watch. First, it is called a Swiss watch if it has a cherished tag “Swiss Made” and Switzerland itself produces 25% of a watch’s parts. Second, In Swiss Cantons, there are some Asian companies that have registered themselves and have made the watches popular in fashion world. So, no wonder that watches that are produced from Asian companies can be claimed as a Swiss one.

Although there are many replicas of Swiss watches, there are two things which are different from the genuine, the quartz and the accuracy. The quartz of a genuine Swiss watch is more convenient and practical and the quality of the accuracy that other replicas do not have. The most important thing that people must know is if they buy a genuine one, then they do not have to worry about change the battery for three years since it comes with a good quartz.

When it comes to luxury items, such as Swiss watches or jewellery, the first place we must start our exploration must be the Orchard Road and more precisely the ION Orchard Shopping Mall. Singapore has dozens of bigger and smaller shopping mall, with the biggest shopping mall of Asia currently under construction the ION Orchard is the one shopping mall, which has the biggest quality and variety of luxury goods. When it comes to luxury Swiss watches, you can find them in the following stores of the ION Orchard:

. Franck Muller Genéve
. Geneva Watch that is one great retailer of top quality Swiss watches such as the Longines, the Tissot or Edox.
. IWC Schaffhausen – one of the best brands of the highest quality Swiss watches
. Krasnaya – this Russian luxury watches gallery is specifically serving the tourists and Russian tourists with all sorts of top watch brands
. Omega  – there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know one of the most famous Swiss watch brand the Omega
. Patek Philippe – the manufacturer of the highest quality and most expensive luxury Swiss watches
. Rolex / Tudor – One official retailer of the world famous Rolex watches
. Swatch
. TAG Heuer
. The Hour Glass: if you are looking for the highest quality Swiss watches, you shouldn’t miss visiting the store of Hour Glass in the ION or at any other shopping malls, because they sell some of the highest quality and rarest collections of such elite brands as Breuget, A Lange und Söhne, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Ulysse Nardin,

Other Swiss watches retailers include the SINCERE Co. which deals with top brands as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Longines and Omega and its stores can be found in the most prominent shopping malls of Singapore such as the Suntec City, the Marina Bay Sands or the Vivo City. Their luxury stores can be found within Hilton Singapore. The stores of the above-mentioned Hour Glass Company are all over Singapore’s downtown including the Raffles Boulevard and the Raffles Shopping Mall, other two great places for your search of Swiss watches.

As already mentioned above, {Rolex} and {Omega} are two of popular brands of Swiss Watches and rolex is the best known to public. In 2007, Rolex received its award as one of the best brands from BusinessWeek Magazine and this enhanced its popularity in the world. Thank to Rolex, because of its popularity, the world has known that a Swiss watch has a good quality, carried special meaning and come in a high price. Omega is also produced in Switzerland and famous as Rolex. Because of its good quality, Omega was chosen by NASA to be the first watch that was worn on the moon. Omega was also worn by James Bond in Casino Royale.

Swiss watches are well-known as watches sold in a high price. However, it is possible for you to get the cheaper one. Hongkong and Singapore are the places where you can get or buy a cheap Swiss watch. Those countries sell a Swiss watch at a cheap price rather than in Europe or in the United States. By buying a cheap Swiss watch, you can save hundreds of dollars.

If you want to buy a Swiss watch from abrod, do not forget to prepare these things such as the money or Credit Card, and some form of ID. The first thing to do is to wire the money or you can buy a Swiss wacth by Credit Card. Form of ID is often needed in buying this precious watch.

Nowadays, you do not have to go to abroad and then visit certain countries just to buy a Swiss watch because there is an easier way to get it. You can go online and then type “Swiss made watches” in a search engine. After that, you can lists of retailers selling watches. However, you have to be carefull for scams. If you are looking for an antique Swiss watch, please search online or estate actions. You can go to eBay, Amazon or other online auctions.

There are some tips to buy Swiss watches you can find in certain sites. Those tips will guide you to find the best Swiss watch or to find a cheaper one. If you love wearing a beautiful designed watch, then a Swiss watch is a perfect watch you can wear on your wirst. Buy this watch and you will not be dissapointed since it comes with unique design, style and also offers special meaning for the user. Add glamour and luxury to your performance. Get one and ready to face the world with this Swiss watch. Choose one depends on your need and style.

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