Exclusive Watches of Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is probably the most famous from all luxury watch brands. The company is from Geneva and it has created some of the most beautiful and complicated watches in the world. Today, Patek Philippe counts as the most expensive watch in the world. Singapore is fond of Patek Philippe watches, so in this article, we will represent you with some of the historical moments of this world famous brand with the representation of some of the most memorable Patek Philippe watches and we will let you know where to find these great watches in Singapore.

Patek Philippe is one of the world’s most bought luxury producer of high quality watches. The Polish watchmakers Antoni Patek and Franciczek Czapek founded Patek Philippe in 1839 in Geneva. The two watchmakers went their own way in 1844 with Patek starting a new partnership with Adrien Philippe French watchmaker who is also the founded of the self-winding mechanism. Thanks to their great partnership and hard work, Patek Philippe Co. was finally founded in 1851. The company was dealing with pocket watches until 1868 when they have released their first wristwatch. The perpetual calendar, the split seconds hand, the chronograph and the minute repeater were all features that were first implemented into Patek Philippe watches. Until today, Patek Philippe sticks to its old standards with the making of mechanical watches with either automatic or manual winding mechanisms. Like many before it Patek Philippe is also one watchmaker that does the whole production of its watches from watch parts until the assembling of its watches. Its watch-making factory was moved to Vallée de Joux, one capital of Swiss watch making. The brand is partly specialised in making special editions for elite auctions and makes a huge part of its income thanks to there. Also its interesting to note that Patek Philippe doesn’t yet belong under any watch groups, it has stayed a privately held company ever since. Today, the Stern family leads the brand. Patek Philippe watches with some of their most ever memorable models can be seen here the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva.

One of the most memorable Patek Philippe watches is the “Supercomplication” which has altogether 24 functions that made it already one of the most expensive special watches in the world. This unique watch was auctioned in 1999 and was finally sold for USD 11 Million. This is one of the very rare watches, which are called “ultra-complicated” in the watch making circles. The current most expensive watch in the world is the Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. 5002P made out of platinum that was sold at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong in 2008 for altogether USD 1,49 Million and has become the most expensive modern wristwatch which was ever sold at an auction. But we are still not yet finished because in 2010 the Patek Philippe Chronograph Wristwatch made out of yellow gold and was made in 1943 was sold to a Seiss Museum at Christie’s in Geneva for altogether 6,26 Million CHF which equals USD 5,50 Million making it the current most expensive wristwatch ever sold. After this, it is no wonder that Patek Philippe watches are the most liked watches by international royalties, celebrities and state and even religious leaders. Another watch really worth mentioning from Patek Philippe is the Calibre 89 that was made for the anniversary of Patek Philippe and it’s one of the most complicated mechanical watches ever made. Current editions of the brand include about 30 watches all handmade, exclusive and extremely expensive. In order to protect its customers Patek Philippe has a very strict control of its official retailers and it gives its watches with a watch certificate of origin. Buy Patek Philippe watches only from the label stores and from the authorised retailers in Singapore because their watches are highly copied.

In Singapore there are thee authorised Singapore retailers with the licence to sell Patek Philippe watches: Cortina Watch Ltd., The Hour Glass co. and Sincere Co. these are also the retailers of the best luxury watch brands in Singapore and they can be absolutely trusted. The only label boutique of Patek Philippe can be found at the Shopping Gallery of Hilton Singapore.

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