Explore Rabac

Looking for a family getaway at Croatia? Well, Rabac might just be place for you. A former fisherman village is now considered as one of the largest resorts in Istria and the pearl of the Kyamer Bay. It features beach and oceanic views with various adventures to choose from. Its accommodation reaches up to 100,000 at a time and has earned for itself noteworthy praises which had made Rabac a haven for tourists.

Rabac offers different kinds of accommodations to choose from to make your stay cozy and homey. From nice apartments, state-of-the-art villas, and three to four star hotels. These inns alone feature wonderful sights that would take your breath away and their facilities provide convenience and comfort. Hotels, apartments, villas, and private houses are mostly featured online so it is possible to have a preview of them to make the perfect choice that would match your preference and at the same time make reservations online.

But the fun does not stop there! Rabac is really an adventure haven especially for those who seek an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Excursions are mostly guided by professional tour guides and you will be taken by modern buses and boats. Aside from sailing with real sailors, you will also get to visit small islands like Cres, where you can get to meet new people while you drink and eat with them. Not to mention the games and laughter you can share with them accompanied by lively music played by an accordion. It is truly an island party at its best.

And since Rabac is one of the largest resorts in Istria, it provides the best water fun that you can imagine. You can go extreme with kayaking, canoeing, rafting, sailing and swimming. Not only that, terrestrial adventures await you, such as biking, hiking, and rock climbing. Adventure in Rabac is truly alive, made possible by national parks, life underwater, unique rivers, forests and mountains. If you are an outdoor type of a person, Rabac is the place to go.

There are also nature-sight trips that show hidden treasures of nature that will capture and make you wonder with amazement. Man-fish, stalagmites, stalactites, pillars are just some of them. Historical places can also be visited that can make up Istria and of course theme parks.

You may also try dining out at Rabac where they serve fresh seafood, pastas, parcels, and other dishes that will truly make you hungry for more. Superb taste and excellent service can be expected from every restaurant that you can visit, making your dining experience memorable and satisfying.

The sights and thrilling adventures that you may have in Rabac are really interesting but what makes it more interesting and intriguing about this place is how it came to be. Because no matter how popular and sophisticated this place is and it would become, the old fisherman village aura will always stay and preserved. The captivating bay and tame surroundings has attracted an English writer, Richard Francis Burton, during 1876. He wrote his experiences and everything he saw in this place in a book entitled, “The Istrian Coast”. Since then Rabac became a one tourist spots and Rabac has been building and adding up more villas, hotels, until it became what it is now.

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