FairPrice Supermarkets in Singapore

FairPrice Supermarkets are owned and managed by NTUC FairPrice Group and they are considered one of the biggest and best supermarket brands in whole Singapore. The great quality retailer of a huge amount of goods is famous for its great customer services, its customer oriented policies and its great prices. Let us check out FairPrice Supermarkets in Singapore.

FairPrice is one of the finest chains of supermarkets in Singapore and also one of the few brands which have made online shopping available with delivery in the whole area of Singapore. Today FairPrice is the largest retailer of grocery in Singapore with the largest number of stores in the country. Thanks to its great management, FairPrice has earned the following awards and certificates and it is a member of the following national and international organizations: AVA Food Safety Partner, SGS ISO 9001-2008, SGS ISO 22000, S Class Logo – only the highest quality retailers receive, Rusted Brand 2012, Excellent Service Award, Community Chest Platinum Award – awarded only for the highest level of costumer friendly stores and store policies.

FairPrice is popular for its great community centered politics and for all its help it gives to all those who cannot afford high priced goods. Let us see what steps have they taken in order to help shoppers to save up all the more:
• Everyday Low Price Items: a large amount of items will be sold for reduced price every single day. This way FairPrice also makes sure that customers are eager to see the variety and the prices every single day.
• GST Absorbtion: FairPrice has implemented in its community helping programme to sell its goods with a lower amount of GST (tax), to encourage shoppers to shop their quality goods for a lower price.
• 2% discounts for the elderly every Tuesday: this is a great and hugely successful promotion which gives 2% discounts for the elderly shoppers every Tuesday.
• LinkPoints
• Rebates
• Yellow Dot Items: Several European chains have created their extra-low cost sub-brands and Yellow Dot items are those items for FairPrice sold much cheaper than the rest of the products.

FairPrice is also proud to have a national role and to be able to give support for larger groups all around the world, most specifically Asia. FairPrice donated lots of food for the victims of the Thailand and the Pakistani flood and earthquake and it is the partner of the Singapore Government in the National Emergency Food Plan as well. Fair Price has more than 230 outlets in Singapore featured under the following brand names: FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Xpress and Cheers markets, delicacy stores and supermarkets with each one having their specialisation in terms of goods and services. With the help of its own Fresh Food Distribution Centre and its huge warehousing and food distribution company FairPrice makes sure that it will have plenty of goods for Singapore at all times.

You can find FairPrice supermarkets on the following downtown locations: Bishan at Junction 8, Bukit Timah Plaza, Marine Parade Central, FairPrice Orchard along Somerset Road and another one along Scotts Road and it large supermarket in Serangoon Garden Village.

Do not miss the great quality goods of FairPrice either online or personally. Shopping at FairPrice, especially with all its great specials and discounts is a great experience worth trying for any visitors of this great city.

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