Ferrari Theme Park Abu Dhabi

If you are visiting Abu Dhabi, you are in one of the most exciting cities. So, make sure you visit the largest indoor theme park of the world in Yas Island, which is the first theme park that has been designed by the famous automaker, Ferrari. It has more than 20 rides. The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi roller coaster has boosted up this theme park’s footfall with its style and adrenaline rush. It surely creates an everlasting experience for the visitors. Guests from all ages are entertained over here with different types of sensational rides, provided with kids’ corners added with a lot of thrills. There are rides like racing legends- a dark ride depicting the Ferrari stories to the passengers, galleria Ferrari, la gara, paddock and many more. Overall the fun added with the exciting sounds can attract any aged individual and one who visits will undoubtedly wish to revisit.

The main attraction is the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi roller coaster that is made up of metal rod tracks and trains of the shape of the formula1 car to bring the sensation to the passengers. Both of them are very much related to Ferrari. The {Ferrari World} Abu Dhabi roller coaster is indeed the world’s largest roller coaster at an eye watering speed of 240km/hr. On one side there is the formula 1 roller coaster where one can feel the force of the speed of an F1 car that the drivers experience while driving the car. It is a ride at an incredible speed for 86,000 sq km, starting from the air condition room, through the landscapes outside the building, running around and then again coming back to the building rising upto 52m from the land. One has to ride a four-seated roller coaster car which runs in the parallel tracks with another similar car. The passengers here can feel the experience of a race of these cars which are technologically driven in these. One who experiences this ride will surely scream over the tracks which drive into the sky before flying through the chicanes. This has been designed being inspired from some of the world’s famous racing tracks. No wonder the adrenaline rush till the finish line is worth paying those many bucks. Not only the speed but the turnings at a huge angle also add to the excitement where the sharpest turning is of 70 degree angle. Passengers on the Ferrari world Abu Dhabi roller coaster are also provided with safety goggles which he has to wear during the entire ride.

Ferrari is a true dream car that has done wonders in the car racing. Originated from the traditional streets of Italy, the car holds the ultimate charm and grace. To enjoy the full spirit of this amazing car, Abu Dhabi has the best place in the world that has displayed this memorable car in style. The most desirable theme park in Abu Dhabi that has gained international recognition is the Ferrari World Theme Park. The indoor park offers timeless variety of rides suitable from toddlers to any age group.

There are enormous attractions for family, kids, and thrilled nature people. The family attractions in Ferrari World Theme Park give the true passion of ride; from showing the absolute history of Ferrari to driving the cars with its full triumph in historical streets of Italy. The passionate racing as well as the unique displaying of Ferrari cars gives the unforgettable time to the families. To inculcate the true grace of Ferrari in your kids, the kids’ attractions in Ferrari World Theme Park provide all the charm of the car with the interesting games and rides. From junior grand prix to the junior training champion, the tracks educate the child with the history of car and amazing streets of Italy.

The roller coaster rides are inspired by the exact speed of Ferrari. The high-speed coaster in Ferrari World gives the true pleasure of the ride compatible to the speed of Ferrari. The immense pleasure of speed and extraordinary thrill keeps your jaws in hold throughout the ride. The free fall and the motion rides give the best state of motion while driving an amazing Ferrari on the road. The thrilling attractions have managed to attract a large number of crowds each day in Ferrari World Theme Park.

Apart from these mind-blowing rides, there are enormous resources of shopping for the true lovers of Ferrari in Ferrari World. The stores offers timeless pieces of Ferrari and all the memorable items related to the true spirit of the car. To make the visit unforgettable, the shopping is a must-have after the wonderful rides. Ferrari store offers the valuable souvenir to leave a mark in your memory. The dining experience in Ferrari World refreshes the true spirit of Italian food. The delicious variety of pizza, pasta, and other Italian items will keep you lost in the historical streets of Italy.

Ferrari World Theme Park is regarded as the biggest indoor park in the world .The theme park official website gives the complete calendar before planning the visit to the park. To ensure that the visit holds an unforgettable experience, customer services are ensured to provide the best level up to their maximum satisfaction. There are numerous lavishing hotels near the park that provides the best staying facilities for planning the thrilling trip. Ticketing and the map details are also available on the website and the front desk to the rides point, each step guides you with the complete information about the limitations and accessibility of the rides.

These are the basic information about the theme park which is top draw among the tourists. While the palm islands have on offer complete relaxation, adventure runs wild at the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi. There are also plenty of great dining outlets and shopping arcades for an exclusive holiday experience. However, do check for availability of hotels in Abu Dhabi as tourism has peaked over the last couple of years. The Ferrari world Abu Dhabi roller coaster is screaming out loud!

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