Finding Trendy Furniture in Abu Dhabi

There may be several reasons why you would want to buy furniture in Abu Dhabi. Furniture is a good, which is always looked for. When you move to a different country, you can save a lot of money if you do not ship your home furniture, or at least not all of them. In Abu Dhabi, there is a colourful range of furniture stores suiting for each one’s taste. Let us look at some of the key Abu Dhabi furniture brands in our article.

Abu Dhabi is emerging to become a welcoming city for everyone who wants to live, study or work here full of new possibilities to start up a new life at a city gifted with great beaches, tropical temperature and a great deal of free-time possibilities. The city has a growing number of shopping malls and its touristic area and downtown is getting more and more popular among international tourists. Next to shopping malls, Abu Dhabi furniture stores are also becoming much more visited, which lead the city to open even more branches of its most popular furniture chains. Hereby we enlist some of the most popular {Abu Dhabi furniture} stores:

The One: this furniture company is one of the most popular in Abu Dhabi, featuring a great deal of unique and slightly expensive wooden and leather furniture, coming with a retro touch it is well worth visiting this store to get ideas and to shop some outstanding and durable top quality furniture. The One represents us with great furniture sets for living room, dining room, bedroom, library or working room, kids’ room and outdoors furniture. As per its philosophy The One was created to save the world from the rule of {IKEA} and they also do not sell furniture but also the fashion, trends and atmosphere inspired by diverse countries and ages. The One Boutiques are not just stores but home theatres with skilled performers. This is why it’s more than worth visiting one store of The One in Abu Dhabi, which you can find at Abu Dhabi Mall and Khalidiya (their showroom here also includes a restaurant).

Homes R Us is a local Abu Dhabi furniture brand having stores all across the United Arab Emirates. The brand sells a more traditional sort of home furniture specialised in living rooms, bedrooms, dining, kitchen and reception room furniture for affordable prices. This is a very popular brand among locals, which is also a guarantee for good quality durable furniture. You can find the main showroom of Homes R Us at Madinat Zayed Shopping Mall. The Abu Dhabi furniture brand also has lots of home ware and accessories available.

Home Centre is a Dubai based furniture company that has grown out to become the biggest furniture store in the whole Middle East, also having stores in North Africa and Asia. Home Centre offers an affordable and quality choice for everyone. It has a great variety of other furniture and home ware and they have an exceptionally great variety of kids and juniors’ room furniture. Home Centre is often compared to IKEA but being more competitive in the region, it has a bigger fan base.

Of course, there are so many great Abu Dhabi furniture stores, such as the Pan Emirates, elite stores such as Bo Concept and the biggest IKEA of the Middle East, located at YAS Island, But the above mentioned Abu Dhabi furniture brands being the most popular are highly advised to visit first.

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