Funan Digitalife Mall

Funan Digitalife Mall is a new concept mall that has become one of the most popular malls both for locals and for tourists. The great and huge shopping mall is located in the downtown of Singapore and it is a real haven for all sorts of technology seekers, especially of gadgets. Yet, in order to make the mall more family friendly, you can find other sorts of stores and services in Funan Digitalife Mall too. Let us look around this new Singapore shopping mall and explore what is on offer here.

Since Japan has grown big in terms of digital goods and gadgets, the development of technology has been unstoppable. Today, gadgets are all around us and with the quickly changing goods, the need for the newest gadgets are always huge. Today, the owning of gadgets is like a status symbol especially in terms of the biggest brands such as Apple, Samsung and HTC. With the market being full of the newest upcoming smartphones, people like to look around in hope of getting gadgets cheaper than before. Therefore, the idea of establishing specific shopping centres, concentrating on the selling of electronic goods has come up in Asia first. Today, there are multiple digital malls all around the world, dealing with the selling of electronics and gadgets. This is where the idea of establishing Funan Digitalife Mall came up already in the Eighties. When it opened its doors, it was one of the very few in the world. Today, a renovated fresh and family friendly mall waits for the visitors full of electronic stores selling the biggest brands.

Funan Digitalife Mall is located in the area of the City Hall, in the downtown of Singapore, between Victoria Street and North Bridge Road, which is very easy to access. The digital shopping mall has become one of Asia’s top selling electronic shopping malls and it is full of people and tourists coming from all corners of the continent to find the newest gadgets here for a more optimal price. A big number of visitors come from Japan, which sells all digital apparels for a much higher price.

Funan has at least 30 stores that sell electronic goods and gadgets, from the all-different brands many of which are special because they have been released specifically for the Asian market. The electronic goods here come for a good price. You can browse for electronics, computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and everything else while being in Funan Digitalife Mall. Today, the mall has widened its services, which means you can find all sorts of different stores here, not connected with electronic goods, such as books and stationery, supermarkets, fashion stores, lingerie boutiques, sport apparel and jewellery stores selling a wide range of watches. As an extra, there is free Wi-Fi in the whole area of Funan Digitalife Mall, which means a huge extra for all the visitors. The mall’s stores have frequent sales and discounts, which mean, you can even save money while hunting for gadgets or other goods.

Some of the most popular stores at Funan Digitalife Mall are the gaming stores, where you can get to find all the computer games available on the international market and even more. Don’t miss out on the big Harvey Norman store in the mall.

Funan Digitalife Mall is a unique mall that is great to visit, even if you do not look for gadgets and electronic goods, it really has something for every member of a visiting family. By being located in the downtown of Singapore, the mall is easy to access and visit.

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