Get To Know Porec

Porec is the capital of the city of the same name (City of Prec). This is treated as the tourist center in Istria. The city has an area of about 142 km2 large and an estimated population of 17,000 Porec locals. At the southern part of this city, there are other neighboring tourist resorts. These are Plava laguna and Zelena laguna. The heart of the city of Porec is situated at the main road where the main city is connected with Pula and Pazin.

Croatia, being a tourist destination has a lot of places that attracts a lot of travelers all over the world. But above these spots, the first place is occupied by Porec. The National Tourist Organization and so many of the Croatian media had given Porec a lot of certificates and rewards that registers it as the leading tourist city in the whole Croatia. It is not just the said organization or the media that helped Porec to be a topnotch tourist place. The efforts of city authorities and local hotels were also a big help. During the peak season (summer holidays) the population of tourists coming to enjoy the city exceeds the population of the residents of Porec. The places of interests in Porec do not only include the perfect shoreline where fun and sun collides. Enthusiasts of priceless historical pieces shall enjoy the city as well. There are available museums and galleries located in the precious palaces of the city. These current places where ancient pieces are kept used to be a dwelling for people living in Porec centuries ago. During the night, feel the ambiance of Roman era while walking in Porec’s lit streets. Such beauty of the times gone by was well-preserved such as city ramparts and some towers like the Pentagonal Tower and Round Tower.

This place is not only a destination for those who wanted to unwind. At the very heart Porec, amateurs and even professional sport players chooses the city to be their training ground especially for those who are into water competitions.

Getting at Porec is quite accessible. You may not travel via air flights straight to Porec although you can arrive first at the airport of Pula (the nearest airport in Porec) then take connecting buses to reach the splendid city. You might want to try having a long drive to reach Porec by passing Zagreb then to Rijeka next to the Ucka Tunnel then Pazin and finally to Porec if you are coming from the east. However, coming from the south is a different route, starting from Pula then Vodnjan connecting to Bale then Sv. Lovrec before getting at Porec

In case you want to visit Croatia, specifically Porec, you might want to bring your best summer outfit. With a typical Mediterranean weather with sun-filled summer and nice mild breezy winter, there’s no need for you to pack some of your thickest outfits.

To date, the city of Porec has been a very popular place for organized cultural events annually. It has been the favorite location for musical concerts, folk evenings and alike.

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