Golden Mile Complex Singapore

If you want to go to a shopping mall in Singapore, which is popular for selling cheap goods in an extreme variety, then Golden Mile Complex is the place for you. Widely considered as the Thai shopping mall of Singapore, Golden Mile Complex is widely visited for household goods, its great Thai eateries and for its wide array of Thai goods. Let us see what we can find in Golden Mile Complex and where we can find it in Singapore.

It would be very hard to miss the building of Golden Mile Complex as it’s the name of not only its shopping mall but the whole extremely huge residential building which houses the shopping mall as well. Golden Mile Complex was widely considered as a novelty idea by the time it was built in 1973. The main idea behind Golden Mile complex was to create a so-called vertical city. The building houses thousands of flats on a whopping height of 90 metres. The name of this architectural style is called a “megastructure” which was a huge current in the then futuristic contemporary art world, yet very few of the actual plans could be realised. The concrete jungle is a real spectacle in Singapore although many in the city feel that the extreme building should be replaced by something nicer.

The Golden Mile complex houses over 411 stores which sell everything from spices, food, fruits, apparel, home and kitchen ware and lots of knock-off goods. This makes the building very highly visited by all those locals who do not have the budget to shop in the high profile shopping malls of Singapore. Golden Mile complex is also popular for having regular bus services to neighbouring Malaysia, therefore several people who arrive there are in fact travellers. The Thai complex has hundreds of Thai families living inside or owning a store at Golden Mile complex and most people visit it also for its great Thai eateries. If you are lucky you can even catch some Thai cultural and music performances here performed by several Thai bands.

As for its situation, Golden Mile Complex is located on a strip of land located between the Beach Road and Nicoll Highway. The creators of the complex wanted to have high profile apartments in the building with a great sea view and the complex is the early example of a real integrated building, the first in the country that contains business area, residential area and a shopping area. The complex was re-decorated in the Eighties and in the Nineties and although the building is not of the decorative type, its useful status is undisputed. If you look for cheap products and Thai products then is the Golden Mile complex where you should visit. Golden Mile complex also has a great number of Thai bars and discos inside.

If you would like to see something unique after the great downtown malls of Singapore, or if you want to book a coach to Malaysia, do not miss visiting the Golden Mile complex, where you do not have to have great budget to spend.

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