How To Find The Best Stockings in Saudi Arabia

A long time ago, women hardly ever left the house without a pair of stockings on. Then come the 90s and women suddenly threw out the stockings. After a couple of decades showing off leg skin, we’re back where it all started and everyone is embracing stockings once more. It’s easy to see why. This dainty accessory has a way of accentuating one’s fashion sense, and brings out fitting dresses and skirts in an intense way. Indeed, use of stockings extends far beyond the street into the office and bedroom. Today, Saudi Arabia’s lingerie and clothing stores offer the widest variety of stockings in the market ever. How do you buy your stockings and which stockings do you pick for different occasions?

Choice of stockings depends on use. For everyday wear, opt for sheer or opaque stockings that can be paired with outfits of different colors. Before picking a pair of stockings at the store, consider how well it will go with the clothes you already own. It is safer to buy stockings in a color that complements a big percentage of your existing wardrobe so that matching your clothes is easy. The shoes you wear with your stockings are another factor to be considered as well. You nail the look when you make the eye flow from your shoes to the stockings without breaking off. And because you already have a few favorite shoes, pick the color of your stockings based on the color of these shoes. Sheer stockings are the safest bet you have to not looking trashy. They easily blend with most outfits and can be confidently worn to work. Pick well constructed sheers that won’t run after a few wears, and ones that will stay up well.

Lace and fishnet stockings are some of the highest selling types of stockings in the market today. Both can be worn to the office, but only if the pattern and net size is small and not too obvious. Now for the fun part of large hole fishnets and lacy stockings. These are the ultimate party accessory and will glam up any evening outfit. They are ultra sexy and will add meaning to romantic nights. Rock them with tiny skirts or dresses when going out or pair them with a garter, flimsy baby doll or chemise on intimate nights.

Good quality stockings will serve you for a lengthy period of time. Always pick the better quality when faced with two different stockings. You’re better off paying more for a durable pair that will carry you through the months or year, than choosing a cheap alternative that will lose its fit and shape after a couple of uses.

Stockings are a sexy addition that should never miss in a woman’s wardrobe. Their versatility means you can wear them in a wide range of occasions. Choose fine quality stockings from renowned brands in Saudi Arabia like Calvin Klein, Spanx, Miracle, Donna Karan and more.

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