Hublot Watches in Singapore

Hublot Watches is very interesting company, which is both Swiss and Italian. Apart from Hublot Watches being counted as luxury watches, in their outlook they have never followed the more traditional outlook of Swiss watches. In this regard, Hublot represents the new line in watch making and it has become very famous in the past decades.

The Hublot Watches still count modern in the world of luxury watches as they follow a completely new line of outlook and the company itself was founded relatively late as well, unlike the other luxury brands. Hublot follows the strategy many newer watchmakers also follow, which is, to create one significant outlook and then make hundreds of different variations with the implementation of the very same outlook that also acts as a trademark outlook for the whole brand. Therefore all Hublot watches look quite the same. The name Hublot means cockpit in French and if you see one Hublot watch you will see that the name really suits the watches. Apart from their watches, looking the same with smaller variations interestingly, Hublot is among those watchmakers that experiment the most with all the different materials, many of which are still unconventional for watchmakers. Ceramics, Titanium, Plastic and Stainless Steel are only some of the many materials that one can imagine for watch making. Hublot first featured natural rubber strap in the world in watch making. The production of Hublot Watches is in Switzerland.

Hublot is today part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey Group. Carlo Crocco who had been part of the Binda Group that deals with the popular Breil watches founded the Hublot Watches in 1980, until he decided to separate and make his own ideas come true in a separate watch brand. After Mr. Crocco has given up the managing part of the brand, it was Jean Claude Biver who took over the management of the Hublot brand who was the president of Omega within the Swatch Group before. It was with his leadership that Hublot has represented the Big Bang Chronograph watch in 2005. This watch has received multiple international watch making awards such as the “2005 Design Prize” in the “Geneva Watch making Grand Prix”, the “Sports Watch Prize” at the “Watch of the Year” ceremony in Japan, and the Middle Eastern Prize for the “Best Oversized Watch”. Big Bang has become the best selling watch and it was the one that initially made the brand Hublot world famous. Later on Hublot has become part of the Swatch group but with independent production and continues work as an independent company. Hublot has opened its first label store relatively late in 2007 but today has label store in every big cities of the world, such as in Singapore. The brand has recently introduced the WiseKey technology that targets to stop the illegal counterfeiting of the luxury brand watches.

In Singapore, the label store of Hublot Watches has opened last year in the huge Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall, the biggest and newest shopping mall of Singapore. The main Singapore retailers of Hublot Watches are the Hour Glass and the “Sincere” boutiques that you can find all over the downtown, primarily in the shopping malls.

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