Island of Hvar

Hvar is an island in Croatia that is located in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Dalmatian. The Hvar Island stretches about 80 kilometers from west to east and it has since become a popular tourist and vacation destination through the last number of years.

Hvar is an island that offers wonderful summers, sunny kind of winters and decorative, classic, visual feasting medieval forts and town walls. It is a part of Split County located in Dalmatia, Croatia and is divided by the Hvar channel to the Brac Island, to Vis by the Vis channel, to Peljesac by the channel of Neretva, by Korkula Channel to the Korkila. The eastern part of the island is found roughly just three miles away from the Croatian mainland, but along the southern most part of the Hvar coast can be found a number of smaller islands, most well known of these are the Scedro island that lies in the south and Paklenski Otoci which lies in the west.

The center of tourist activities lies in Hvar town, which is the island’s main and center of tourist attraction. The town features a magnificent and huge public square that stretches out to the sea and during the peak of tourist arrivals, the town’s port is filled with stylish, large and grandeur yachts. Among its other attractions is the all night long clubs and disco places that usually attract a large part of the younger vacationers.

Hvar Island measures 112 square miles and its main industry includes cattle raising, fruit growing and of course fishing, all are main source of income and employment of the island residents. Currently the population estimates stood at about a shade under 22,000 people.

The main generator of income for the residents of Hvlar is its flourishing tourism and fishing industry. Known for its very mild and ideal Mediterranean climate, scenic nature spots, Mediterranean type of vegetation and of course it’s beautiful beaches which attracts a large number of tourists that flocks on the island from different corners of the world. Hvar island is quickly becoming as one of the most ideal and attractive tourist and vacation destination in Europe. Croatia’s tourism department is promoting Hvar Island as “the sunniest spot in Europe”, with an average of more than 2,700 hours of sunlight showing in the island in a year.

Aside from the majestic and beautiful places in Hvar island, another thing that this island is very proud to be Croatia’s one of its two world renowned wine making regions. Vineyards are scattered on the southern part of Hvar Island which are famous for its large production of red wines which are produced from the grape of the Plavac Mali type. The central part that divides the part between Jelsa and Stari Grad is famous and widely visited for its great tasting white wines.

Hvar Island in Croatia is one of the special places in the world where travelers can feel right at home while at the same time enjoying a new beautiful place and learning a wonderful new culture. Vacationing in Hvar Island is one perfect choice.

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