Island of Korcula

Korcula is an island located in the Adriatic Sea near the county of Neretva-Dubronivik in the nation of Croatia. Korcula Island has a total area of 279 square kilometers and it is 7.8 kilometer wide and 46.8 kilometer long that lies just near the coast of Dalmatian. According to recent census survey the island has about 16,500 inhabitants making it as the second most populous island in the whole Adriatic island. The island population is composed of about 96% Croats and the rest makes up different ethnicity.

Korcula Island is known to be as among the greenest in all the islands located around the Adriatic Sea, it also holds the distinction as one of the most popular and top tourist destination in Croatia.

Being in the immediate vicinity of Mljet and Dubrovnik makes it a possibility for travelers to make the trip to Korcula and spend some quality time to enjoy the beauty of this unspoiled location and also gives travelers to tour other surrounding places like the Mljet national park, Neretva River, Dubrovnik city and Mostar.

The climate in Korcula Island is an ideal one that attracts more tourists because the weather is just about right. Average air temperature during the month of January is about 9.8 degrees Celsius and about 26.9 degrees Celsius in the month of July. Average yearly rainfall is about 1,100 mm. The whole Korcula Island is covered largely by thick pine forests and a unique kind of Mediterranean flora.

Aside from the tourist industry which keeps this Island’s economy in good condition, the other leading industry in Korcula Island is in the field of agriculture; namely the widespread cultivation of olives, grape vines and other fruits together with fish processing and fishing. Shipbuilding is still being practiced today but it doesn’t generate much impact in terms of the local economy. Tourism is at the highest during summer months as visitors from all around the world troop to this haven to enjoy the nature life, island experience of swimming in beautiful beaches and mingling with the local to learn a new and captivating culture plus a lot more. With the tourism development, a number of village agro tourism and nautical have been developed.

The culture in Korcula is composed of a dual Slav and Latin culture which was developed during the late Roman era until the emergence or founding of many modern Croatian states. Korcula therefore possesses a unique mixture of Mediterranean or Adriatic cultural character, which sets it differently apart from the other Croatian islands.

Reaching Korcula is not a problem as daily ferry boats connects the island to Split, Rijeka, Zadar and Dubrovnik everyday and during summer a direct ferry line is available to other Italian ports in the Adriatic.

Korcula is a great island fit for all kinds of travelers. From honeymooners, families on holidays, backpackers and other beach lovers, Korcula is the nature haven that will give total pleasure to tourists and vacationers from all over the world. No wonder Korcula is always mentioned in the list of the most beautiful islands in the world.

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