An Exciting City – Jarabacoa

One of the three inland cities of Dominican Republic is the city of Jarabacoa. It is an area of the island situated between the cities of Santiago and Constanza. Jarabaco is recognized as the heart of Dominican Republic. Jarabacoa is also municipality located in the province of La Vega. There are at least fifty-seven inhabitants living in Jarabacoa. This is a fact according to the census conducted in year 2002. All year round, tourists and locals may enjoy the tropical weather of Jarabacoa. Typically, the temperature of the city ranges from seventy degrees up to ninety degrees Fahrenheit, which does not change all throughout the year.

Jarabacoa used to be an exclusive spot for rich people alone. But it was not long before many nature lovers and explorers soon found out about the magnificence of Jarabacoa. Because of the clear and cold mountain springs here in Jarabacoa, professional writers from travel magazines as well as fascinated visitors called it as the City of Everlasting Spring. The booming ecotourism is one of the main sources of income of the city. Also known as the Dominican Alps, hikers are fond of walking in the trails of Jarabacoa as they get captivated with all the postcard-like views of the city.

In the whole Caribbean, Jarabacoa is recognized as the tallest range. Locals also see Jarabacoa and its neighboring city, the Constanza, as the diamonds in the crown located at the Central Mountain Range. Anywhere in Jarabacoa, you may experience to breathe in the crisp fresh air that you can never have in the modern places anywhere else. The alpine vegetation is also as enthralling like the stunning beaches scattered all over the island of Dominican Republic. The blue skies are so intense that you would barely realize that you are already experiencing the coastal heat of Jarabacoa.

Mountain bikers are common in the streets and trails of Jarabacoa. The most famous site for mountain biking in the city is the Rancho Biaguate. The Pan American Games was held in this site last 2003. If you are a group of ten or more, there are people in the Rancho Biaguate who can arrange a cycling excursion exclusively for you and your company. There are different trails, each having their own challenges and difficulties. Other mountain bikers love the trails that would pass on the cold cascading waterfalls of Jarabacoa.

If you are up for a water-related thrilling adventure, then river-rafting should not be missed. The said activity provides adrenaline rush whether you would try the sport for the first time or you have been doing river-rafting for quite a long time. The famous area for river-rafting is the Yaque del Norte River. However, you must make a reservation a day before your desired date of river-rafting with the tour operators within the Jarabacoa. You may also request to have a reservation through the hotel where you are currently staying in. The excursions for river-rafting usually start at the early morning when the mountains and the rivers are still bathed with morning dew.

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