Jasons Market Place Singapore

Jasons Market Place, which is also called simply as Market Place is one of the major supermarket brands of Singapore. You can get to find Jasons Market Place at several destinations throughout the downtown of Singapore and it is quite popular among the Singapore locals. Let us explore the history of Jasons Market Place and its destinations in Singapore.

Jasons Market Place was founded in Singapore in 1975. Today, the brand has stores also in Hong Kong and Taiwan under slightly different names. Jasons Market Place has currently 6 stores in Singapore with different specialisations and names as follows: Tanglin Market Place, Paragon Market Place, Three Sixty Market Place @ ION Orchard, Katong Market Place, Jasons Market Place and Jasons The Gourmet Grocer. All of its stores are located in the very downtown of Singapore; especially the ones at ION, Paragon and Tanglin are highly visited. Jasons Market Place is owned by Dairy Farm Group and the sister company of Wellcome. The newest store of Jasons has recently opened in Raffles City Shopping Mall.

Jasons Market Place supermarkets are popular for their wide assortment of goods, especially delicacies coming from all over the world. All Jasons supermarkets are perfectly equipped and offer a great shopping experience. The specialty of Jasons Market Places is to offer such rare products that are not easy to get at any other places in Singapore. Therefore, we can say, that all supermarkets of Jasons tend to be a little bit overpriced when compared to the local supermarkets. Jasons Market Place supermarkets are perfect for foreigners living in Singapore, for tourists and everyone who would like to get familiar with the tastes and food of faraway countries.

Jasons Market Places are especially highly visited for their high number of imported US and Latin American products. The one trick that tourists need to learn in connection with all Jasons Market Place is that after 9.30 pm there are high discounts, especially of fresh meat and freshly cooked products. Therefore, the number of visitors tends to grow here every evening. Check out the large variety of French, British and Dutch imported cheese in here. Jasons Market Place features some of the biggest collections of cheese in the city. Visitors are also suggested to check out the great quality chorizo- sausages coming from Latin America, the homemade curry coming straight from Britain alongside the great quality British sausages. Many Singaporeans come here to get familiar with all these great tastes, something you cannot get elsewhere.

What we can suggest you is to drop in at Jasons Market Place, whenever you desire something different, however rather use the other great supermarkets when you need practical goods for cooking, as Jasons generally tends to be around 20% more expensive than the rest of the Singapore supermarkets. However, the big plus in Jasons Market Place supermarkets is that you can get to find them nearby the Singapore hotels and in the very downtown of the city. Use your time to explore Singapore supermarkets in order to see which things are the best to buy at which brands.

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