Joo Chiat Complex Singapore

Singapore is famous for its great shopping possibilities, but another great attraction of the city is its colourful cultural districts that are really worth seeing. The Joo Chiat area that belongs to the Geylang Serai area is a great part of Singapore to see, full of historical districts and great marketplaces. You can spend a long time in this area, marvelling the cultural history, the great artefacts stores and the old time architecture of the area. One great shopping mall to find in this area is definitely the Joo Chiat complex where you can see predominantly Malaysian artefacts with its great textiles in the centre. Let us see what makes Joo Chiat complex and area so unique and why you should visit.

Joo Chiat area is part of the Malaysian Geylang Serai district where Malaysians and Indonesians live for centuries. There are so many things to see in Geylang Serai, which has strong connection with the ethnic and cultural heritage of its people. In no other place can you can find huge range of unique souvenirs. You can also enjoy the great cultural programs you can experience at heritage centres such as the Malay Village, where you can get to see Malay and Javanese dance performances and this is the area where you can get to see some of the most beautiful mosques in South East Asia. When it comes to shopping, you ought to visit the great Geylang Serai Market, which has been a historical marketplace for a long time, with it being recently rebuilt; today shoppers can enjoy a great shopping experience, in the two-floored air-conditioned marketplace, which is full of beautiful artefacts, spices, fruits and of course shopping locals.

In Geylang Serai, you can find many Muslim eateries where you can enjoy the great taste of South East Asian Muslim cuisine. In Geylang Serai, you must try the local Nasi Padang a great selection of meals served with a great deal of rice and you should not miss tasting the local drink – The Tarik, which is a milky drink consumed by locals as a sort of tea. The two biggest shopping centres in the area include the Tanjong Katon Shopping Complex and the Joo Chiat Shopping Centre both representing a huge deal of local goods.

Joo Chiat Complex is located alongside the long Joo Chiat road, which is among the most beautiful roads of Singapore. The road is full of little shophouses, a real historical site, where each house represents a different store or eatery. The little houses, right next to each other, take us back to time, to the birth of Singapore with their old style architecture. Here you can find just everything, from herbs, to teahouses, handbags, jewellery, lingerie and apparel stores and several stores selling traditional Malay and Muslim-wear including tailor services. You can see some of the most beautiful Kebayas in this area. Kebaya is the traditional Peranakan-Malay costume which you can still spot, especially on special occasions in Singapore.

This is exactly what Joo Chiat Complex is about. Visiting this great shopping mall equals a full cultural excursion during which you can learn a lot about the culture and people’s way of life in Geylang Serai. Check out the beautiful textiles and costumes and all the stores offering great Malay and Muslim apparels for men, women and children. With the help of the local tailors with whom Joo Chiat Complex is full, you can have your own customised apparel within a short time.

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