La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club

One of the most celebrated spots when it comes to accommodations in Aruba is none other than the La Cabana Beach and Racquet Club. Food is not a problem in this resot especially when you talk about the Pata Pata Bar. The restaurant’s main courses include chicken breast with mushroom sauce; mahi mahi with creamy basil sauce; baked potatos with sour cream; vegetable fried rice and assorted seasonal vegetables. Salads are at their finest here particularly carrot and raisin, sliced beet, four beans, pastas, tomato and cheese and the heart of palm. At Las Ramblas dining, you can have a choice from their variety of tapas that feature eggplant rollatini, tapenade crostini, topped mushroom and grilled scallops. You can also take a pick from the meats on the grill like the cut rib eye steak, grilled chicken breast and the New Zealand lamb chops.

When in Aruba, there is no need to wrorry about attending the mass every Sunday or renewing your religious vows anytime you want. There are two catholic Chucrhes in the island while the LA Cabana Beach and Racquet Chapel is open to guests and visitors everyday. Starting from eight in the morning to six in the evening, the Chapel is a great place to make some private prayers and undergo self-reflection.

The La Cabana Green Team devotes itself to preserving the environment through its 4R program that covers reducing, reusing, recycling and refusing. The team believes that in order to enjoy life, one must maintain ecological balance through cleaning and beautifying the environment. The La Cabana Green Team is geared to collecting 30 kilos of aluminum cans every week, 2 tons of cardboard and 1,000 kilos of glass recycled every seven days. Aruban government takes pride of this resort as solar panels and heat recovery systems are being utilized to heat water in guest rooms and public areas.

Moreover, the LA Cabana management is offering a chance for visitors to tour the beauty of Aruba by offering different activities. A bus or jeep tour can send you to the Natural Pool, California Lighthouse and the Alta Vista Chapel. You can also try out their wind surfing, kite surfing, biking and horse back riding. The amazing underwater world can be explored through La Cabana’s scuba dive tours, submarine and snorkel sails. Luxurious catamarans are custom-built and would be the best place to experience fine dining with the beautiful sunset. The La Cabana Red Sail Sports is one of its kinds in the island. Inquire from the friendly staff. Seated in the activities desk for you to know which adventure would highlight your Aruban vacation.

From sports activities to restaurants and bars, essential spa, foods and beverages, accommodations, friendly staff service, religious amenities and environmental orientation of the management, there is no doubt every visitor will be headed to the La cabana Beach and Racquet Club.

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