Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club

Aruba Ocean Club

To have a vacation is to be away from home for a moment. This will not be easy because you would expect that your destination should be as comfortable and as cozy as where you used to slumber and rest back home. This case is especially intricate too because you need to search for an accommodation that would provide the tranquility, fun, excitement and comfort all in one place. Having a vacation in Aruba is one of your greatest plans and if accommodation worries you, then it is time to put a smile on your face because Aruba Ocean Club was especially designed to suit your need for a second home.

The Aruba Ocean Club provides several highlights which you might find impossible from other hotels existing in the island. Of course, it is made to offer three kinds of rooms which are the deluxe guest room, the two bedroom villas and the one bedroom suies. These are all made with fully-equipped kitchens where you can cook for your entire family even if you are not home.. The kitchens are your chance to manage your food for the day if you happen to miss what you have been munching back there.

Moreover, the Ocean Club also features different relation amenities including beach bar, restaurants and on site spa. From facial to body massages, you can opt for aromatherapy and scrubs after your fun at the beach. You can even access the fitness center equipped with various tools to stay fit and healthy. You don’t have to deviate from your schedule at the gym because you can go on with your daily exercise routine as you check in the Ocean Club.

Other Aruba hotels and villas may be boasting of different features but one thing very special about the Ocean club is the existence of a casino o the site. This means that you don’t have to go out to scour the downtown Oranjestad just to find pleasure because right at the club, the casino is already a treasure.

The club also imposes the no-smoking policy. It is committed to providing its guests with fresh air as how Aruba is known to be. The smoke-free environment rule is the management’s vow to keeping the environment clean and maintaining its beauty while advocating for a healthy lifestyle. Guests and visitors to the hotel have expressed great admiration on the hotel’s most comprehensive non-smoking rule throughout the island. But ocean Club does not despise smoking guests because it has provided areas where smoking is allowed. The policy is implemented strictly within the main building, though. Smokers are accommodated and designated areas for smoking are maintained for their comfort.

Home is where your heart is and the Ocean Club understands this need that it has specifically created its amenities to imitate whatever comfort and ease you have back home. In the island, it may be difficult to find what you are looking for but the Ocean Club is one good option to try out during your vacation.

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