Michael Kors Watches in Singapore

If you are a person who longs for unique watches or a collector of watches, Michael Kors watches are suitable for you. These watches are made not only to tell you the time, but also to tell the world about your unique style. To be unique not only to show your style off through you dress, but also through your choice of watch.

Since long time ago, watches are made both functionally and fashionably, therefore many people have chosen watch to be their collection. In order to fulfill this needs, many jeweler choose to create watch and include them into their collection. Also, companies that were famous for their conventional watches have tried to create beautiful yet functional watches. Michael Kors is one of this companies that try to create luxurious watches that can be their signature watch.

Michael Kors is daring to create watches that are made of various materials that are rarely used by others brand. These materials are tortoise, horn, ceramic, silicone, and glitz. These materials make Michael Kors different from the other watch brands. Moreover, in order to make the watches to have more functions and to keep up with today’s trend, some of Michael Kors watches are equipped with chronograph, a built in timer like a stopwatch. So, you can wear this watch to go jogging and count how much time you have spent on jogging.

By using various materials for the watch, include gold, rose gold, silver, and leather, Michael Kors makes unique straps to create the spiral strap watch, double wrap watch, thin strap watch, the two tones strap watch, three tones strap, and the conventional kind of strap. Another uniqueness of the watch is that some of them are made in the set of collection with the other Michael Kors’s production such as bag, shoes, bag, and accessories. Thus, you do not need to be confused on what to match with the watch because this brand has all things that match it.

For the Spring-Summer collection, Michael Kors provides the collections with cheerful tones such as yellow, orange, green, and white. These collections really suit for your full-of-spirit and sunny day in the park or beach. Plus, the water resistant function of the watches make you able to keep it on your hand while swimming.

Michael Kors has 200 stores in 74 countries. One of the lucky countries is Singapore. Singapore with its level of tourism and fashion is successful to bait the company to plant its root here. Thus, last year Michael Kors’ first standalone boutique in Southeast Asia was opened in Scotts Square, Singapore. This is an honor for Singapore to have the boutique in the country since the brand has been well-known and become the favorite by Hollywood stars such as Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopes, and Angelina Jolie. Up to today, this international brand has expanded its wings in Singapore through its branch in Crowne Plaza Hotel at Airport Boulevard, Singapore.

The company that was established in 1981 started the business in women’s sportswear and has been developed until today to be a boutique with complete fashion collection. Although this brand is a famous brand in New York, most of its leather accessories are made in Italy since the artist has their own techniques to create modern products through manufacturing old tradition.

Singapore which is also known as the place for people from many parts of Asia to live also holds a certain tradition to be held as the tradition of the country. Therefore, although this country has developed vastly in to the modern world, traditional values are still kept and loved. Since Michael Kors watches are the result of certain tradition, no wonder if Singapore citizen and also tourists love the collections.

Since tourism is one Singapore’s strong points and due to the scarcity of the land, the transportation is not a problem here. It is very easy for people reach their destination both inside and outside the country. Because of this capability, although many tourism spots of Singapore spread to the separated islands, there is no difficulty in reaching the places.

Michael Kors is one of the most successful contemporary street fashion or prêt a porter brands coming from the United States. The famous designer has released his watches collections recently that have a sound success on the market of designer watches. Let us get to know a little bit more about Michael Kors watches and about their availability in Singapore.

Michael Kors watches are made by Fossil Inc, which is currently the largest producer of designer watches and works for several well-known brands such as Guess, DKNY, Versace, D&G, Burberry and several others. Although Fossil is a US based company, they have acquired a well-known Swiss professional watch company called Zenith a couple of years ago, since then, the watch movements of elite Fossil brands are made in Switzerland. In question of Michael Kors watches, the watch movements of their more complicated watches, such as the men’s and women’s chronograph watches are made in Switzerland, while the watch movement of their fashion watches work with the Japanese quartz system. Currently, the vast majority of Michael Kors watches are made in Japan.

Michael Kors watches are currently offered in the following collections: SILVER, GOLDEN, ROSE GOLDEN, TORTOISE & HORN, CERAMIC & SILICONE, GLITZ, LEATHER WATCHES, MEN’S WATCHES.

Michael Kors watches collections are released every now and then, mainly when there is a seasonal change, along with the new collection of apparel. You can get to find the newcomers and the spring catalogue of Michael Kors watches on their official website. The current hottest collections include the Oversized Runway, the Paris Runway and the Double wrap leather watches but there are about 50 other collections, which you should check out.

Michael Kors watches have quickly earned fame on the market of fashion watches, because they offer high quality and attractive looking watches for both men and women, in a large variety and for a very affordable price. The average price of Michael Kors watches are between SGD 200 and SGD 450, which in question of quality watches counts as quite cheap. Thanks to the good contracts of the brand, Michael Kors watches are offered by several large department store chains as well.

Michael Kors opened its very first label store in Singapore in 2012 and this store is located in the brand new shopping centre of the city, the Scotts Square Shopping Mall, which is located quite close to the main shopping road of Singapore, the Orchard Road. Michael Kors watches can be seen, bought and ordered in a vast variety from here; however, it is not the only place for you to find Michael Kors watches in Singapore. Thanks to their contract with the local Tangs luxury department store chain, Michael Kors watches are sold in Tangs deparemtn stores that can be found on Orchard Road and in Vivo City, the biggest shopping mall of Singapore.

If you are looking for great looking watches the professional working and punctuality of which are ensured in Singapore, for an affordable price, do not miss checking out the Michael Kors watches collections either in Scotts Square or in any of the two Tangs Department stores.

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