Al Barsha

Although Dubai is a relatively new town, in the Emirates, by now it has more than thirty districts and even more areas, each considered as a district in itself, because of its size. The number of new districts really outnumbers the two old districts, Deira and Bur Dubai both of the located next to Dubai Creek facing each other. Al Barsha is one of the newest districts, still heavily under construction. Al Barsha situates in western part of Dubai.

Al Barsha’s development has just started a couple of years ago, with the main target to create a residential area out of it. As it is very near to the Sheikh Zayed road, which is the main road of Dubai, not far from the sea, it is really a promising area.

Al Barsha is already a huge district, having several sub-quarters, right now only distinguished by numbers, such as Al Barsha 1, 2 and 3 or with the directions, namely South Barsha 1, 2 and 3 areas.

When it will complete, it will be a great area with much attractions and facilities nearby, which is always good, when it comes to living area. In Al Barsha currently, only a few facilities and houses are functioning. One of these attractions is the huge Mall of the Emirates, which, until the opening of the enormous Dubai Mall, used to be the biggest shopping centre in the world. The great building of the Mall had been designed by a famous British architecture company and it is one of the main attraction sites not only Al Barsha, but also to the whole of Dubai. The alone standing attraction of the Emirates Mall is the Dubai Ski, with ski slopes and snow everywhere! If you are walking in the shopping area, you can look at it through the several windows showing the visitors this wonderful attraction.

One side of the Al Barsha district borders by the industrial areas of Al Quoz 3 and 4, while the other side of it has the Jebel Ali racecourse.

If we see educational facilities, Al Barsha has many schools in its area. There are several national and international schools such as the Dubai National and Al Arqam Schools or the international Dubai American Academy, welcoming students from every country in the world, offering them the chance to get an American School degree in Dubai. Other very interesting complex surrounding Al Barsha district is the Dubai Internet City, which is a huge IT zone of Dubai. It is an alone standing project, in the way, that it was specifically designed for the foreign world leading IT companies to make their seat there, targeting the inland IT business, so that they do not have to pay tax after much of their actions, in the area of the Emirates.

Al Barsha is also very close to one of the leading luxury attractions of the world, the Dubai Palm islands, which is by the Jumeirah Beach. Due to its promising location, it is sure that we will get to see even more beauty and attraction in the Al Barsha district.

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