If you want to see a real colourful districts of Dubai where there are also most of the bargains, and where you can get the cheapest goods, then Karama district is for you to visit.

Al Karama district is located next to the Medina or old-town centre of Dubai, the Bur Dubai district and it is traditionally an immigrant district. The word “karama” means Dignity in Arabic. Al Karama has been the district of the immigrants arriving in the country either as refugees or with the plain reason to find work. The first immigrant group arriving here were thousands of Omanis who previously have lived in Zanzibar before, but due to a governmental change there, they had to leave the country. They asked for help from the Sheikh of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Saed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, and the Sheikh helped them, giving them a chance for a new life in Dubai. That was when the first living-area had been build in the area of Karama, called Hamdan colony, a part of which can still be seen in Al Karama.

Today Al Karama packs with immigrants from many countries, mainly India, Pakistan or South-East Asia, such as Indonesia, Philippines or Thailand, just to mention a few examples. That is where you can find the most colourful variety of restaurants, bars, hundreds of shops and community centres. In addition, eating out is much cheaper over here, then in any other districts of Dubai.

Al Karama district is also very famous for the cheapest selling-goods in Dubai. These goods vary from cars to just anything. You can see all types of bargain furniture over here, various types of accessories such as handbags, copied from the most expensive brands. If you go to visit the Karama district, for sure you will not return with empty hands.

It is also interesting to note, that an immigrant cannot buy a real–estate in the area of Dubai, and the rental prices are sky-high all around the city, so that is why Karama is the most affordable place to rent flats, which most immigrants must do, if they want to live in Dubai.

The most popular shopping centre of Karama, called BurJuman shopping centre, is a highly popular spot for everyone living in the area. The other good feature of the district is its location, from where it is very easy to get to any part of Dubai.

Next to Al Karama, we can find the world-famous World Trade Centre, and the main artery of Dubai. The long Sheikh Zaeed Road is also not too far from here.

Although Al Karama is mostly a relaxed district, but there have been proofs of an increasing criminal activity in this location. However, this is natural if so many people of many averagely poor nations live in a smaller area. So when visiting the Karama district, make sure that your goods are placed in safety and possibly leave all unnecessary but tempting values, such as rings, credit cards, any communicational devices of extensive value, in the safe of your hotel.

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