Explore Lulu Hypermarket in Dubai

Contrary to its funny name, Lulu Hypermarket is indeed a strict brand of hypermarkets, all over the Gulf countries. Lulu Hypermarket can be called the local brand, which is to emphasize the fact that Dubai does not have international supermarket chains representing themselves in its area, just because Dubai is not able to open its own chain of hypermarkets. Therefore, here they are, and now Lulu chain has altogether six stores within Dubai.

We know that when it comes to Dubai, the shopping possibilities are endless over here. Moreover, due to the growing population of Dubai, the need for shopping centers, malls and other super and hypermarkets is always there. EMKE group in Abu Dhabi established Lulu brand. EMKE Group also operates its own shopping malls in Abu Dhabi.

Lulu is a shopping centre chain that has many sorts of storey, varying from hypermarket to supermarket depending on their actual size and quantity it can offer. Lulu Hypermarket has the base in Abu Dhabi, so no wonder that here; there are more than ten Lulu Stores all around town. In Dubai, Lulu hypermarkets and supermarkets can be found in Deira as a Lulu Shopping Centre, in Al Quasis, as a hypermarket, as another hypermarket in Al Barsha and as three diverse shopping entities in the Karama district, where the population by far is the thickest per square meter. Besides these two main cities of the United Arab Emirates, there is a Lulu hyper-or supermarket in every important city. The very first non-Gulf country to open a new store of Lulu Chain is the one which can be found in Egypt.

Lulu Hypermarket has the same offer as every other hypermarket and supermarket, which have shops in Dubai. Although there is more emphasis on the local ingredients, which are the best for preparing the best local foods, yet the love of yoghurt is quite interesting in all Muslim countries, perhaps because Dubai is more of a tropical sheikhdom. The own Lulu Hypermarket brands include the one for all food called quite simply Lulu as the hypermarket. Besides Lulu Hypermarkets have quite economical prices, they do not belong to the stores that sell their goods for a higher price.

In addition, Lulu Hypermarkets offer many promotions, such as the Lulu Free Summer Fun, the Lulu Cool Offers and the Fresh Deals among many other offers. Therefore, almost all year long, there are discounts over here for shopping. Lulu Hypermarkets are much visited by not only locals, but also by tourists and expats as well. Therefore, when you are in Dubai and have the chance, then drop in a Lulu Hypermarket to see what the locals most like to shop in Dubai.

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