Waitrose Shops in Dubai

Shopping is a fantastic experience in Dubai, because it is all about shopping in real. Dubai is stuffed with all sorts of shopping malls, hyper and supermarkets, souks and the street stores. Many international brands were tempted by the huge shopping power Dubai represents, so most international store-chains have a Dubai representative today. Waitrose is a quite popular English shopping chain having several shopping malls in the territory of Great Britain.

The very first Waitrose shopping entity opened in Great Britain was in 1904 as a small grocery retail business. Today, the Waitrose has more than 200 shops all over the country. The brand Waitrose is unique for their quality and because it is one of the very few in possessions of many Royal Warrants to supply the huge Queen Elizabeth II and to supply both groceries and alcoholic drinks to Prince Charles. Waitrose is also the Royal Supplier of the kitchen of the Royal Family of England. Waitrose is currently under John Lewis Partnership, a huge retail company in the UK. Waitrose is especially famous for its quality, reputation and its great costumer service, which includes deliveries on orders,

Waitrose is quite the like of Debenhams or a BHS store back in the UK with the exception that this one does not have its fashion segment, well at least not yet. However, some of the bigger Waitrose in England have started to have a special furniture area in their home ware – interiors section with furniture or home ware collections, and has quite a big grocery part which works just like a supermarket. Waitrose opened its first store within the huge Dubai Mall, by far the largest shopping mall in the world. The second Waitrose opened a few years ago in the Dubai Marina area, in the Marina’s own shopping mall, the Marina Mall. Waitrose has been planning to open around 20 shops in the United Arab Emirates.

Waitrose in the Dubai Mall works more like a hypermarket than a shopping mall, offering a wide variety of fresh food, from fruits to vegetables. You can get anything here for even a week’s cooking. The specific segments of Waitrose include a grocery and a separate wine section, a home direct section selling all sorts of home ware, a flowers and gifts section, selling beautiful flowers both for bouquet and in pots. Through the excellent customer service you can be sure to get anything you desire suiting your needs.

Although it is world famous, Waitrose has not been keen to open stores outside of England, so the two stores in Dubai are exceptional for the brand. Waitrose Hypermarkets also offer several promotions and discounts, and although it is not a cheap supermarket, who would not like to see their beloved British favorites far from their homeland. The quality of goods is heavily controlled to ensure that only the best pieces are displayed for shopping.

Waitrose holds many smaller and bigger competitions, also sponsoring many events in the UK. Waitrose has set up its own foundation, and the Made in Britain awards. On the website of Waitrose, you can also find several handy recipes, gift ideas and other representations. Therefore, whenever you are in Dubai, you can also check out the latest best British deals and can have a glass of Marmite, the beloved must-have ingredient of all British breakfast. You can easily find the two shopping malls in Dubai. For both of them, the best is to take the Red line metro getting off at Dubai Mall metro station. For the Marina Mall, you must look for the Dubai Marina metro station.

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