Maternity Swimwear Brands & Shops in Dubai

How to choose the best maternity swimwear is always a tricky question. Many women do not like their belly exposed while being pregnant and all maternity wear depends heavily on the actual stage of pregnancy and on what exactly you would like to do, while expecting your baby. Some women are brave and bare pregnancy naturally, with wearing a normal bikini as such. Of course, this also depends on how much weight you gain during the expectancy. Yet it is nice to gain a little weight and diet is a very big NO-NO. You have to choose your maternity swimwear and maternity holiday wear according to the climate and the culture of the country where you are to stay on holiday.

In Dubai, you will find some nice one-piece maternity swimwear. These vary depending on the period of the pregnancy. Good maternity swimwear must give a good support from 6 months and they must be made out of a material which is stretchy and definitely light to wear and easy to be taken off. There are many who worry not to expose their belly to the sun but it is not a problem when we talk about short time. It is certainly unhealthy to sunbathe for long or to swim too much when you are pregnant as it should be the most relaxing time for you, expecting your baby.

Today, the variety in maternity swimwear is so much bigger than it used to be 10 years ago. There are bright and lively colours to match with the happiness of expectancy and holiday in maternity bikinis and one-piece swimwear. It is advisable to buy some great longer beachwear too, so that you can be able to move freely to the beach from the street without having to change clothes.

Here is the list of the best-advised maternity swimwear stores in Dubai:

Jenny Rose – Mall of the Emirates: This is not a cheap store but offers great quality maternity wear of all sorts.

Blossom – Dubai Mall: Great shop selling extra quality maternity wear, you can be sure you get the maternity swimwear together with great passing beachwear over here.

Destination Maternity – Dubai Mall: This is another quality maternity wear shops.

Marks & Spencer Maternity Section – Dubai Mall: Here you can find a nice variety of long lasting maternity wear. Marks & Spencer has recently improved a much younger and fresher style for women, so you can have bright hopes of getting great maternity swimwear over here.

These are only a couple of the best shops but you can find many more as well in each of the big Dubai shopping malls. If you do not yet need to shop at a maternity store, then wearing tankini as maternity swimwear is a great choice for you. There are many who survive the whole pregnancy with a normal good quality tankini and it is a perfect maternity swimwear, if you choose a top long enough to hide some of your bumps even when it grows big.

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