Women’s Swimwear Shopping in Dubai

When you are in Dubai, you should know some things first. Although sun-sea-sand holidays are all a threat, you must know a couple of good advices before heading off to the beach. Dubai, a Muslim country highly appreciates and accepts other cultures; so all you need to do is to accept their rules and you will not have problem at all. For example, you must be careful when choosing the appropriate swimwear, but anyhow you should not worry even if you do not bring any swimwear with you at all.

The thousands of shops in Dubai offer the highest variety of all sorts of women’s swimsuits, however some of them are better not to be worn else than in private tourist resort beaches. Muslims in Dubai accept wearing swimwear but only on the beach. So, you must forget about the strolls out of town wearing swimwear or bikini top without an appropriate shirt. It counts as rudeness toward a culture that tries its best to hide their bodies in clothes.

In Dubai water parks, some obligations exist toward swimwear that you must take into consideration. Full swimsuit as swimwear is more acceptable than the bikini and topless is a big no-no, even on the beach. In the Wild Wadi Park, the guards have the right to check what type of swimwear you are going to wear and can turn down your own swimwear, offering you to shop some of the appropriate swimwear which they offer inside in the beachwear shop. So, be prepared for that.

Sexy bikinis are not accepted in Dubai if they are thongs or if they reveal too much of your body. The older styles of swimwear are more acceptable over here. You must also be careful on the beach. Although you will not really see Muslim men or women bathing, still you should not choose a place for swimming where you only see local men for instance. You will definitely not see local Muslim women bathing unless they carry their children to the beach and waiting for them on the beach. The local culture does not accept the bathing of men and women in the same area or on the same site. That is why; you will see Ladies’ Day written on water theme parks, which is the evening when they only let women in, so that they can have a great swim as well. Swimsuits worn by local women are much bigger not necessarily stylish. However, you need not bring your standards of great swimwear down that much. Additionally, in Dubai hotels, you can wear your thongs or bikini, although you should not go topless, not even there.

You can find the highest variety of swimwear in the big Dubai shopping malls as well, where you can ask for the advice of local sales assistant on what to wear on the beach in Dubai. The best places to find the fitting swimwear are the Bloomingdale’s, the Saks Fifth Avenue or the Marks & Spencer famous for it has reserved yet not old style. Therefore, good luck with your shopping as you will enjoy it so much, in Dubai, the best place on Earth for shopping.

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