MINT Museum of Toys

The MINT Museum of Toys is currently the most successful private museum of Singapore visited by many families, children and those who stayed children in their hearts. In the huge collection of toys from all over the world, you will see how much endless talent has been concentrated into making one mechanical toy that had been constructed so smartly that most of them work without failure still today. The MINT Museum of Toys is located in Singapore’s Seah Street very near to the North Bridge Road by the City Hall MRT.

First, the word “MINT” stands for the abbreviation of “Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys” The MINT Museum houses toys being made from the middle of the nineteenth century until the middle of the twentieth century. The founders of the MINT Museum of Toys have made large efforts to collect one of the best ever-private collections of contemporary toys, most of which are great made so smartly that it really catches the imagination. Many of these toys are fruits by the hands of some of the best toy makers in the world, which come mainly from the Anglo-Saxon regions of Europe, just like Germany, Switzerland or England. Apart from these countries there toys coming from more than 22 other lands. The toys, which used to be the most popular toys of so many children when they were young, became parts of home collections or they were just sold at flea markets. Many of these old beautiful toys were found by collectors at flea markets all around the world and finally their home is in the MINT Museum of Toys in Singapore.

There are more than 5000 toys which are exhibited here. You can see the earliest version of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Popeye, Betty Boop and such figurines which were the most popular long ago but by today are almost forgotten. The museum makes lots of children happy who have never seen toys like this. They also cause much happiness to all the visiting fathers and mothers who can revive their childhood this way. You can see the contemporary drawings on the toys and you can make many consequences on how the overall viewing of the world was different those times. Through toys you can follow the changes in history and in cultures.

The owner of the MINT Museum Mr. Chang Yang Fa has been collecting toys for over thirty years so you can imagine what great collecting instincts he has after such a long time. You can also see the most favourite toys of thousands of children per region and per country. Many of these toys are considered as antiques of course with extra high value but what would be a toy museum without seeing some toys in action, so of course you will have a chance to see some of the precious toys working. The MINT Museum of toys has opened in 2006 and it receives hundreds of thousands of visitors and it remains a very interesting cultural gemstone of Singapore where so many cultures meet.

Visit the MINT Museum of Toys of you have some free time and if you want to see some unique toys. The MINT Museum of toys is open every day and receives groups for request.

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