Must Visit Attractions of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the beautiful capital city of the United Arab Emirates, is well worth visiting. The continuously growing and developing city will soon be on the entertainment level of neighbouring Dubai. Even if you are based in Dubai, you should not miss visiting Abu Dhabi, which, thanks to its beautiful heritage sites and situation, is one of the most beautiful cities of the Middle East. Let us look at what is worth seeing in Abu Dhabi, which are the most see sites in here, in our article.

Abu Dhabi is one of the most modern cities in the world. This is a captivating city with a lot of historical landmarks for tourist attractions that reflect the local history, culture and traditions combined with the modern developments.

We will follow up with an enlisting of all the must-see Abu Dhabi attractions which you shouldn’t miss visiting in Abu Dhabi followed up by some of the most interesting optional attractions which the city has to offer.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque: the picturesque white mosque of Abu Dhabi is definitely the main attraction the city has to offer. A real artwork, being one of the biggest mosques in the world, the beautiful mosque even competes with the Taj Mahal, when it comes to sheer beauty of Islamic art. The most important thing about the mosque for tourists is, that this is one of the very few mosques that has admission also for non-Muslim tourists who would like to see the architecture and the equally beautiful interiors of this outstanding building. The mosque can accommodate up to 40.000 worshippers in the same time and on its inside, you will find the largest carpet in the world made in Iran. The huge chandelier of the mosque contains altogether 1 million Swarovski crystals and its a must see!

The mosque is open between Saturday to Thursday and guided tours for tourists start from 9 am. One tour lasts an hour and it is completely free! Dressing conservatively is a must though, women will need a scarf to wear on their heads inside the mosque and shorts for men are a bit no-no. The mosque should be the first of everyone’s list of Abu Dhabi attractions.

Heritage Village: Located in the downtown of Abu Dhabi right next to Marina Mall the Heritage Village is one of the best Abu Dhabi attractions for tourists to see how people lived in Abu Dhabi a long time ago. Authentic Bedouin tents and old style Middle Eastern houses full of stores and restaurants make the Heritage Village a great place for shopping souvenirs and see the traditional handicrafts of locals. Heritage village is open from 9 am to 1 pm then from 5 pm to 9 pm. It is highly advised to visit the complex in the evening. It depicts the life and traditions of Bedouin and other cultures. The main attractions in this site are the replicas of mud-brick houses, traditional mosque and souk. Emirates Heritage Club manages the second Heritage Village. The attractions in this village include old fishing villages, Bedouin tents, palm houses, and shops where you can find local products.

White Fort: This is also called the Al Hosn Fort, which is considered as one of the oldest structures in Abu Dhabi. The Cultural Foundation is housed in the Palace which main attractions are the exhibits of natural artifacts and photographs. Cultural and artistic activities can also be viewed in the Foundation such as music recitals, cultural and film festivals, book publishing, lectures and conferences, art courses and workshops.

Liwa Oasis: It is one of the largest oases in Arabia. You can reach this destination through a five-hour drive from the city. Tourists can find the freshwater pools and date plantations revitalizing.

Jabel Hafit: It is a craggy mountain amidst the desert. The tourist attractions in this place are the different kinds of flora and fauna. From this mountain you can also enjoy magnificent view of the Empty Quarter. The added attractions are several caves, sites of archeological excavations, and a resort with a hot spring.

Al Ain Museum: It is the nation’s largest museum that can be found within the Al Jahili Fort. This museum has two sections – the ethnological and historical sections. Bedouin artifacts, stone instruments, and relics found in the Fossil Valley were the attractions in this museum.

Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium: In this spot, the tourists can enjoy viewing a variety and extensive collection of wildlife from around the world. One of the main attractions also is the Arabia’s indigenous wildlife, which features the Arabian oryx.

Qattarah Oasis: Compared to Liwa Oasis this Qattarah is smaller yet breathtakingly surrounded by date palms and fruit orchards. It is also conveniently located at the edge of Al Ain, which is famous for its archeological site.

The Corniche: This is a park-lined coastal boulevard that skirts the city and with magnificent background of buildings facing the sea. The boulevard is considered as one of the picturesque sights in Abu Dhabi. The tourists can safely enjoy walking, cycling, and rollerblading alongside the seashore. Many other attractions are offered like shops, restaurants and fun fair.

Clock Tower: This is located near the Corniche. The said tower remained as one of the most striking landmarks. The city is still improving the site to better serve the tourists that visit the city. Another well-known landmark is the Maqta Bridge Fort. This 200-year old fort is situated in the middle of the water near the Maqta Bridge. The fort’s location and age of the building are the attractions to people.

Women’s Craft Centre: Its main attractions are the exhibition of houses and sales of different traditional crafts like woven bags, covers, shawls, carpets and rugs, baskets and many others which are made in the center.

Abu Dhabi is not only exclusively known for the cultural landmarks, but also for the other attractions like the beaches, deserts and mountains which any tourists can surely enjoy. The city also offers leisure and recreational facilities, which consists of desert safaris, sand skiing, abseiling and rope climbing.

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