Mustafa Centre Singapore

In Singapore – the city of shopping, it is not easy to create such a unique place, as is Mustafa Centre. The shopping mall is unique in many ways; however, it is definitely not the place to look for high profile brands. Let us take a look at Mustafa Centre and its area, which is amongst the most colourful in the city the Little India district.

Mustafa Centre lies on Serangoon Road, which is the main street of Little India, located not far from the downtown area of Singapore. The district is great to visit, if you want to experience the charm of the Indian continent in Singapore. Singapore has long had its vast Indian community created when thousands of Indians arrived in Singapore to help build up the city after the independence of Singapore was declared. The country still has many connections with India and the Indian community is growing steadily. Local Indians work with different crafts or simply have their own store or business in Little India. In Little India district, everything is about shopping, eating, looking around and the area is really like taking an excursion to the beautiful South Asian country. Little India is full of colourful market places such as the Tekka Market, the Sungei Road Thieves Market, the Little India Arcade are all great places for a bit of a shopping.

Of course, Little India is not just about the shopping itself. You can see some of the most beautiful Indian Temples in Little India such as the Sri Veeeramakalianman Temple or the Sri Vinayagar Temple, all beautiful examples of Indian arts and architecture. Little India is like no other place when it comes to the religious celebrations, in which India is rich. If you are lucky and arrive in the good time, you can get to see a huge colourful crowd walking along the streets singing and dedicating the celebration to a Hindu god or goddess.

In the markets of Little India, you have the chance to buy typical Indian spices and food, lots of Indian scented garlands and a great array of other souvenirs such as the great quality Ayurvedic massage oils and Indian gold jewellery. Little India roughly comprises of Serangoon Road, Cambell Lane, Dunlop Street and Hindon Road with all the small streets inside where typically Indian families live.

Mustafa Centre can be found easily in Little India district, located not too far from Little India MRT Station. The great shopping mall looks like a typical Indian market store on the outside. Mustafa Centre is famous for having just everything that one may need and you can come here anytime, as like no other places in town, Mustafa Centre is always open. Here you can find thousands of homemakers hunting for bargains and there is simply nothing you would not find here. Mustafa Centre sells a huge volume of cheap fashion apparel, household goods such as carpets and furniture, kitchenware and home-ware, knock off famous brands, decorations, jewellery, watches, perfumes, souvenirs, shoes, just everything you would like to get.

The atmosphere here is simply great! Every guide would suggest you to visit Mustafa Centre during the late evening hours, to avoid the huge crowd and to feel the aura of the place all the better. Visiting this shopping mall is really a one of a kind experience that you just should not miss. Mustafa Centre is one great and colourful shopping mall of Singapore.

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