National Food of Abu Dhabi

The special feature of Abu Dhabi is that the food available here caters to different palates. Restaurants out here provide different types of food and cuisine. The food scene in Abu Dhabi includes both international cuisine and some exotic traditional delicacies.

Tourists have no difficulty when it comes to food – Abu Dhabi offers great food, ranging from regional dishes like hummus to salads, fresh pastries, rice dishes and grilled meat. Some types food, though, are not available here due to religious restrictions. Food made of pork does not feature in the menus of most Arabic restaurants, though some restaurants, catering to non-Muslims, may offer this kind of food.

Abu Dhabi is the best place to sample Arabic food. The most famous foods here are mezzeh or the starters and salads. The other staple foods here are hummus, moutabel – a dip made with roasted aubergines and sesame paste, tabbouleh – salad made with chopped parsley, mint and crushed wheat, wara enab – stuffed vine leaves, and koussa mahshi – stuffed courgettes. Foods like grilled or roast meat, chicken and fish served with flavoured rice are a favorite food. The Ouzi, a whole roast lamb served on a bed of rice garnished with nuts and the matchbous, a spiced lamb and rice dish are usually served as a main food course. Desserts include – Umm ali, a rich bread pudding, muhalabiya, a milk pudding served with rose water and pistachios, and esh asariya, a sweet cheesecake. The variety of food that this city offers is truly amazing!
If you’re adventurous when it comes to food, you can try the local foods in Abu Dhabi. Fatayer are pastries made of cheese, tomatoes, honey and chicken. Shwarmas are chicken or lamb roasted on a spit and served in pita bread. These are traditional foods out here.

Vegetarians need not despair for lack of food! Abu Dhabi offers a wide choice of vegetarian food too. Some restaurants offer yummy pure vegetarian Indian food, which you can enjoy to your heart’s content!

The food available in Abu Dhabi includes a variety of cuisines, like Chinese, Thai, English, Lebanese and American cuisine, the little-known Polynesian food, Mexican cuisine, Moroccan and Vietnamese dishes. The food in Abu Dhabi caters to the taste-buds of a wide variety of people!

If you’re too tired to go in search for food, your own hotel serves up great food. So you can choose to order your food right here. Not only will this ease your strain of finding a restaurant, this will also help you relax with a great meal.

Every traveler’s prime concern is the food available in the place of travel. Some tourists are particularly finicky about their food habits, so they might want to stick on with their usual food preferences and not want to try some exotic foods. Others who like being adventurous with foods, can pick and choose from the choicest food available in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi offers many types of food to tickle the taste-buds of its guests. Hence, it is the much preferred destination for tourists seeking great fun, frolic and food!

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