National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore is the country’s oldest museum with beautiful ethnic and historical collections in its magnificent building. The National Museum of Singapore is one of Singapore’s altogether eleven National Treasure buildings.

Founded back in 1887, the National Museum of Singapore could successfully keep its form and its function all the time. Its first name was Raffles Library and Museum referring to the original founder of modern Singapore Sir Thomas Raffles. The museum first put higher enhance on the representation of zoological, ethnic and archaeology collections. Most of these, especially the zoological collections have been removed to the University of Singapore. It contains the great historic and cultural treasures, together with all the traditional and interactive exhibitions it hosts from time to time. The Museum means a great program for any- and everyone.

The museum started up with the representation of old Peranakan and Malaysian art pieces and collections with information on these cultures and their effects in the daily life of Singapore. As it is one of the altogether four national museums, this museum has a great responsibility in delivering the historical and cultural treasures of Singapore in such varied ways so that they stay interesting and worth visiting for every generation.

The National Museum of Singapore fully underwent renovation in order to make it more suitable and more modern in its outlook, more multilayered in its exhibition concepts. In addition, they did it indeed greatly. The collections of the museum stay interesting for everyone; this museum does not deliver the ordinary, boring and tiring museum trips from your school days. Singapore has always did its best for educating especially the younger generation always in the forms that can catch their attention in order for them to get to know the history of their country and the culture of the land. Of course, the importance of teaching every visitor and tourist on the culture and history of Singapore is the same essential element. The most important eleven artefacts that are a must-see within the National Museum of Singapore include the Singapore Stone, the Gold Ornaments of the Sacred Hill deriving from East Java, Daguerreotypes of Singapore, which means the collection of the oldest photographs taken of the city. Treasures also include the Will of Munshi Abdullah, the hearse of Tan Jiak Kim, the Peranakan coffin cover, one of the most ancient ones we can see, the mace of Singapore City commemorates King George the 6th’s efforts to make the village into a flourishing city, which is blooming more than ever today.

The quality level of the interactive exhibitions within the National Museum of Singapore is high since it is reopening in 2006, making the museum really a must-see for everyone interested in the history of the “Lion City” Singapore. These exhibitions include parts that you can see through the usage of touch screen TVs and even pods with smell. By this, you can see that the National Museum of Singapore is more than worth visiting.

The first and biggest museum of Singapore, the National Museum of Singapore is very popular of its colourful cultural programs, which also include festivals, all sorts of installations, exhibitions with performances, interactive and multimedia backed exhibitions. The most popular programs include the yearly held Night Festival. Some of the most notable actual exhibitions that you can find in the four Living Galleries of the museum include a great-multicoloured partly interactive representation of the history of Singapore through the changes of culture, with detailing fashion, food and music tastes of the country over the past decades. The traditional puppet theatre, the Wayang also found here.

The artistic importance of the architecture of the renewed National Museum of Singapore is also quite high: the museum looks simply beautiful including a mixture of different styles, which still live together in great harmony just how Singaporeans do. In real, you can only understand the beauty of the museum’s collections if you pay a visit there. The National Museum of Singapore is open every day from 10.00 to 18.00. The basic entrance fee is SGD 10 entrance is free for children younger than 6 years and there are several discounts too.

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