Ngee Ann City Shopping Mall

Ngee Ann City Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping malls of Singapore. Situated along Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City attracts a huge number of customers every day, especially those who want to see one of its special department stores. Let us explore Ngee Ann City Shopping Mall and let us see what makes this mall so unique.

Orchard Road is a fantastic place to be for the shopper. Not only does the road have the most elegant and luxurious stores of Singapore, the road is full of restaurants, cafés and being in the heart of Singapore. It offers a great chance of a sightseeing too. Ngee Ann City is for the shoppers who would like to look around in most unique shopping malls of Singapore. The mall houses virtually hundreds of stores of all sorts, this contains luxurious brands, jewellery stores, footwear shops, undergarment boutiques, electronics stores, supermarkets, delicacy stores and one attraction, that made Ngee Ann City extremely popular: the Takashiyama Department Store, which with its several floors, acts like an alone standing shopping mall within the large shopping mall.

Takashiyama is a unique destination for all the shoppers. This is like having a bit of Japan within Singapore. Takashiyama is a popular shopping destination also in Japan, and for it opening its sole department store outside of Japan, was a huge step. The mall is also dedicated for the thousands of Japanese who live in Singapore, alongside the millions of Japanese tourists who come to Singapore for visiting and for shopping. You can get to see Japans most popular stores in Takashiyama alongside lots of Japanese brands and you can taste Japanese meals in its food court. Takashiyama offers several services and stores that you could otherwise find only in Japan. The huge “mall in mall” has altogether 11 levels within Ngee Ann City.

Takashiyama within Ngee Ann City offers its own Tourist Passport, which will bring lots of reduced prices and extra services in the stores. In addition, the store houses the largest Burberry store of Singapore and you can buy here Takashiyama’s own Rose Chan Doll, a craze that made the mall extremely popular in its home country Japan. Other international brand stores, all of which are popular in Japan, include Tod’s, Bally, Hermés, Bvlgary and Coach, Bottega Veneta, Gucci among many others all of which are the most expensive brands in the world.

Specialty stores can largely be found on levels 3 to 5, alongside the extensive food court of Takashiyama. You can also find a great spa here and great Japanese style cosmetic treatments with the label stores of Japanese cosmetic goods, which include Shiseido. Apart from the label stores, there are lots of kids’ stores, toy and maternity stores, supermarket, home and kitchenware among so many other goods.

Of course, this is far from the end of the list, Ngee Ann City itself offers even more stores in every single categories. The mall has one of the biggest Lego stores in Singapore; it is rich in luxurious and street wear brands and has extras such as art galleries, specialty stores, about a dozen more wellness and beauty salons and a huge food court.

Ngee Ann City is definitely for the avid shopper who has the will to spend at least a day in Ngee Ann City, to be able to browse well in its stores and the good budget, to be able to buy a huge range of goods here. Ngee Ann City is rather a luxurious mall, yet if you want to experience all the luxury goods available in Singapore or the charm of a real Japanese department store, you should not miss visiting Ngee Ann City Shopping Mall.

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