Nightlife in Zagreb

Zagreb is has an exceptional natural beauty and has a lot of tourist attractions. Stunning it is during the day, charming it is by night. It is considered as the party city of Croatia. Not that it has the only active nightlife in the whole country, but Zagreb, after dawn definitely stands out among the other places in Croatia. This city is not only a trendy place in Croatia but one of the hippest places in Europe as well. There are countless café bars, pubs, discos, live music, stag parties and more lining in the streets of Tkalciceva located in Gornji Grad. Each night spot is different. That is why people from all diverse taste can find a perfect entertainment location that would suit their preference. An absolute area to relax, unwind and have a break after a tiring day of exploring Zagreb’s exquisite city.

Café bars are part of Zagreb’s lifestyle. There are tons of café bars and pubs that are also open during the day. Even though the weather is hot, some still want to stay at the café bars to drink coffee, sitting outside under the shady umbrellas while simply chitchatting with fellow Croatians. At the café bars of Zagreb is where you can relax, read a book or feast your eyes on good-looking Croatians since these establishments have been a common meeting place among locals. The Lisa Kavana, Gradska Kavana and Art Café Thalia are only few of the most laid back café bars around the streets of Tkalciceva.

Aside from coffee breaks, Zagreb is also known for excellent beer quality. These places are not on popular on locals but an attraction for tourists too. At weekends, Zagreb pubs have stag parties, a very common even in all Eastern Europe. Recommended beer stops are Bulldog Belgian Beer Café, Big Mama’s and the Dubliner – an Irish inspired pub. One of the most popular beer spot is the Tolkien pub. The bar is filled with mustard-colored theme and the decoration is inspired by the famous books and characters of Tolkien.

Zagreb can never be coined as the heart of the nightlife in Croatia if it does not have discos to go to. The most famous place for people who wants to shake their body is the Aquarius, a club with a very spacious dance floor. Due to popularity, the area of the Aquarius cannot accommodate all patrons during summer when most tourists come to Zagreb for a holiday break. That is why they have an outdoor dance area while the country is in hot season. Aquarius is a very energetic club with great staff and atmosphere. Stag party sites are very rampant in Zagreb which is commonly filled with gorgeous girls and exciting ambiance. One stag party site having these characteristic is the Exotic Cocktail bar Papaya.

The city is also full of night establishments which caters live music to the audience such as Kset. Nightly performances of the best and famous jazz musicians are seen here.

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