Nike Watches in Singapore

If you really want to get into sport watches, specifically running watches, then look no further than Nike watches. Nike is really into sports watches, which is no wonder when we see that Nike is the world’s premiere sports gear supplier, probably the biggest and most famous of all the brands. Nike watches therefore go no further but stick to this image.

Is it really hard to find a nice watch? The answer is no. It is easy to find the nicest and the best one today. Just put Nike watches on your list then they will brighten up your days. If other watches are created for certain genders or for certain people, then these watches are unisex which mean they are produced for both men and women. They are designed in a unique way and also come in a sporty style. Therefore, these watches are perfect for people who are really enthusiastic and passionate in sports. They come with a very high quality and once you wear them, you will be satisfy and happier.

When viewed from afar, Nike watches look similar to other watches. However, if you take a closer look then you will notice some differences which are shown in their features and style. These watches are perfect for those who like to exercise or for an athlete since they come with practicality, durability and certain features. Besides, they are also a perfect choice for those who like to be stylish as they come with great features that will attract the attention of anyone. All watches that are under the auspices of Nike are water resistant and also have black straps.

Nike watches are exclusive since they come with great features. First feature is the three time alarm. This feature is created to help you in keeping or saving your track progress. It is really helpful for an athlete who joins a timed sport like biking. Second feature is a hydration alarm. It is designed to help you in maintaining the condition of your body. Third feature is the digital clock. It comes to let you know about the time quickly and efficiently. Other features offered in these watches are altimeter, a one touch back lighting and an alarm chronograph. A one touch back lighting works when the night comes. If you do extreme sports, just make sure you choose a watch that is equipped with a scratch resistant mineral crystal cover.

Nike watches are a perfect watch that you are looking for yourself alone or for your friends as a gift. They are known for their high quality and versatility. They are sold in affordable price. Today, these watches become the best-known watches among people in all over the world. They are sporty and trendy and many famous people in the world wear these watches. The company itself has developed from time to time and has been a sponsor for clubs and national teams in countries such as New Zealand and Brazil.

Nike Watches are growing rapidly in all over the world. They can be found in stores or boutiques. They offer different styles and designs so you are going to love them. Certain countries have become targets of Nike to sell their watches. Singapore is chosen to be one of places to sell these watches. Here, you will find any types of watches according to your tastes, needs and circumstances.

Nike has several watch lines, which includes these main lines each one feature a specific range of sports, with the exception of women’s and kids’ collection, as you will see:

. Team (sports) : including most of Triax collection watches
. Outdoor (sports) : includes Lance, Triax, Oregon collections
. Kids: a large collection of about 30 different kids’ watches
. Running : features Triax models mostly
. Women’s : Imara, Merge and Presto Cee watch lines
. Training: featuring models of Imara, Big Al, D Line, Lebron, Anvil , Blade, Hummer, Siege and further collections

Nike Watches today include large quantities of the below mentioned collections:
. Nike Triax
. Nike Oregon
. Nike Lance
. Nike Kids
. Nike Heart Rate Monitor
. Nike Mettle
. Nike Imara

All these collections are specialised in one of the most popular sports activities and each collection contains about 10 different items. Especially the Triax collection is large from which many of today’s best running watches of Nike come out. Good examples of this are the Triax Speed 50, 100 and 300 models that are not as costly as many other brands’ running watches still bring quality features in watch making. The Nike watches are mostly digital as this way, they can represent much more features that can be useful for everyone doing different sorts of sports. Triax Speed collections for instance feature a 10-run memory storage, a 50 lap chronograph, five interval timers, Target Time feature which is a comparing feature of goal and actual times, Data recall to feature lap times, best times and averages during your training program. Also, these Triax watches feature two time zones, two alarms and a normal 100 metre water resistance which enables you to spend a short swimming time in the water (but not good for diving or scuba diving!!) The average price of Nike watches is around USD 50, which is widely considered as one of the best price in the group of sports and running watches. Therefore, many people like to buy them; especially those who do sports regularly but are no professionals. Most Nike watches feature luminous screen so that they can also be checked in the dark.

In Singapore, Nike watches are sold in large numbers, as they are cheap yet professional watches for the locals who do sports regularly. Singapore is more than a great place for sports, thanks to its climate and its beautiful parks in the downtown suitable for runners together with its beaches. You can find the main store of Nike watches at 230 Orchard Road at Faber House. Furthermore, Nike watches are sold by the local retailer called City Chain whose watch boutiques are all over the city. Therefore, you can be sure that you will not be left without Nike watches in Singapore.

These are the following lists of stores location in Singapore:
Giftshop Global; 40C Hongkong St, Singapore 059679
Mustafa Centre; 145 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207704
Centrum Pte Ltd; Cecil St, Singapore 069533
Online Shop; Jurong West Street 91, Singapore 640944
Jay Gee Enterprises; 10 Genting Ln, Singapore 349583
Nike Singapore; 300 Tampines Ave 5, #04-02, NTUC Income Tampines Junction Singapore 529653
Zalora; 31 Ubi Road 1, Singapore 408694

Choose Nike watches as your companion when you want to do some sports or when you want to meet certain people in dinner. These watches fit perfectly to anyone. Although you do an extreme sport, these watches will last longer since they come with great features. Therefore, you will not be disappointed once you have them. If you are not an athletic then you can buy them as a gift for your friend who love sports very much. Since this watch is sold at affordable price then you do not have to worry that you will waste your money in vain. This watch is a must for everyone from all ages. Both men and women can wear it.

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