Omega Watches in Singapore

Omega is arguably among the most popular luxury watches brands in the world. It was Omega watch, which went to the Moon with the staff of Apollo 11, and ever since, the fame of Omega is sky high. We could see Omega watch on the hands of the latest James Bonds and there are lots of stars and famous personalities that make the brand continuously to be the Nr.1 watch on the selling list. No wonder that in Singapore you will find dozens of places to buy Omega watches that are among the best buys for local and tourist watch lovers. Apart from being world famous, Omega deals with some of the best specialty watches, such as divers, marine and aviators’ watches. Let us see what is worth knowing about Omega and where to find there great watches in Singapore.

Omega has been known as a popular watchmaker in almost all over the world and Switzerland is the home for this watchmaker. It has produced many products which are very famous for the beauty and for the great quality. In 1848, Omega was first established at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and the founder was Louis Brandt. Today, this brand has been worn by people who are very famous and influential like presidents and actors.

Omega was founded in Switzerland in “La Chaux-de-Fonds” as early as in 1848. It was not his founder Louis Brandt but his sons have helped the watch company to start its journey to become one of the best-bought quality watches in the world. With their help, the company took over all ways of production and from then on all watches were made and assembled in the same place. Omega moved to Biel Bienne and started with the larger production of its watches, which first were pocket watches then wristwatches. Omega and the other famous watchmaker Tissot has worked together on several projects. Both companies are under the Swatch Group today. Omega first became popular when it released its first ever diver’s watch in 1932. Ever since, Omega is among the rare specialists of diving watches. This watch was the Omega Seamaster and ever since, several developed versions of Seamaster have come out. James Bond also wore Seamaster in the first series of the movie. Other great and unique achievement of Omega is, that it was the first watch brand that had become an official timekeeper.

This business began when Louis Brandt bought some parts from local craftsman to make his first precision pocket watches. His business was continued by his two sons, Louis-Paul and César. They developed this business and eventually would produce higher quality merchandise. That was the important time for Omega Watches to become a product of the most sought after by people.

After they died, Omega Company was leaved to four youth. Every year, they produced Omega Watches in large quantities which were 240,000 watches and they also had hired 800 employees. These young men continue to develop their production. However, between 1975 and 1980, the company was experiencing financial problems. In 1998, Omega was taken by Swatch Group after a prolonged struggle financially. Swatch Group is the company which has sold certain brand watches.

These timepieces come with a variety of models and designs which are very suitable for men and women. Omega offers their best models which are The Constellation, Omega Seamaster, Speedmaster, Deville and Specialities. The Omega Seamaster and the Speedmaster are their popular models. The Omega Seamaster consists of Ploprof, the Planet Ocean, Aqua Terra, and Seamaster Bond styles. Meanwhile, the Speedmaster comes with Omega watches which are known as famous accessory in the world.

Omega watches are developed through the years by the best watchmakers. They always come with new designs and they are also highly functioning. Their great appearance makes them stay afloat in the watch markets. Every year, Omega launches their innovative watches to the customers. This step makes this company and its products become familiar and inspiration for the market and customers as well.

Omega watches have supported many events like being the official timekeeper for the Olympics. The first time these watches chosen as the official timekeeper was in 1932 Summer Olympics. These timepieces were continuing selected for the 2006, 2008, and 2010 games. The reason why they are selected for games is that they reflect the ideal symbol of class.

These watches are created in perfect designs to be suitable for use in all situations or events. For example, you can wear this timepiece during sporting events or even you can wear it when you are in the office. You can get this watch at a reasonable price. Omega produces their watches with quality materials precision. Their watches are also known to be very reliable so it can be worn by people in military or in Olympics.

Omega had been the timekeeper of 24 Olympic games ever since and today it’s the official timekeeper and sponsor of other international sports events such as the Dubai Open Golf Championship. With the hosting of the 2012 Olympics in London Omega will celebrate its 80th anniversary of being part of the International World Olympics. Omega’s Speedmaster collection is equally famous as its Seamaster and it is called “Moonwatch” as it was an Omega Speedmaster that was brought to the Moon in 1969. Omega has ever since been working on the development of its collections, out of which next to the Seamaster and Speedmaster collections we can see many others too and also the Seamaster and Speedmaster have dozens of different versions both for men and for women. Omega watches are sold in huge numbers worldwide and of course, Singapore is no exception from this. There are dozens of Omega label stores around the city, most of them are operated by the Sincere Watch Retail, which is among the Nr.1 luxury watch retailers in Singapore.

Label stores of Omega can be found in the huge shopping malls of Singapore, as the ION Orchard, along the huge shopping mall, the Orchard Road and also around the Raffles Boulevard including the opposite lying Marina Bay Sands luxury Shopping Mall too. Omega’s vintage watches are also extremely popular. Many of them can be found at Passion Watches in the Funan Digital Mall and at HJ Watches and Jewellery that you can find also at Orchard Road in the Far East Plaza. You can also find lots of watch repair and specialised stores dealing with the service of Omega Watches such as Bonfield and Bharath watch retail and repair stores.

Omega watches have opened up their network in almost countries and Singapore is one of them. In Singapore, you can buy these timepieces at wide range of prices. Here are the lists of stores location in Singapore.

Omega; Calvin Klein Underwear, Singapore 179103
Omega; Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972
Heirloom Gallery; 20 Upper Circular Rd, Singapore 058416
All Watches Pte Ltd; Lucky Plaza #B1-128, 304 Orchard Road, Singapore 238863
Because We Like It; 3 Coleman St, Singapore 179804
Time Alley; 390 Victoria St, Singapore 188061
Gassan Singapore Pte. Ltd; 3023 Ubi Road 3, Singapore 408663
Monster Time Vintage Watches; 52 Taman Warna, Singapore 276380
Yan Ho Watch and Jewellery; Singapore 409006
JW Horological Gallery; 1 Pickering St, Singapore 048659
Omega Boutique ION Orchard Shop 01-11; 2 Orchard Turn 238801 Singapore
Omega Boutique Changi Airport Terminal 1 Departure/Transit Lounge East Shop 02-60;
DFS-Omega Boutique Terminal 2, Airport Boulevard, 819643 Singapore
DFS Galleria Scottswalk-Omega Boutique; 25 Scotts Road 228220 Singapore

We hope that those stores location will help you to find your favorite Omega watch once you arrive in Singapore. Take one as a gift for yourself or as a gift for your beloved people. This worthy timepiece is a watch you must have.

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