Online Shopping For Watches in Singapore

Online shopping or E-shopping has become tremendously popular nowadays and we can say that right now about 30% of all the global sales is happening online if not more. The online shopping has several advantages to the normal retail so it is natural that also Singapore has sites where you can buy watches online. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most popular Singapore sites where you can buy watches online.

E-shopping has several advantages to the normal retail mainly that seller don’t need to pay for a shop. This brings a whole more profit and the market is global so the number of the buyers is so much bigger than of the normal buyers. Many internet shops do not even have stocks but order the watches the same through Dropshipping so that they do not pay that much for the storage. This way, their items can be sold cheaper than on the normal retail market and they can order a whole larger number of watches than they could do through normal retail activities. Singapore is a primarily a business city and it is full of retail shops which means a big competence among sellers. Therefore, sites where you can buy watches online in Singapore were built up a couple of years ago, thanks to the large interest in watches.

Why is the interest so large in watches? Watches represent a great value that can be turned into an investment as well. In addition, many watch lovers are fond of mechanical watches for example. For special watches, such as the limited editions, the vintage watches and the specialties such as the Casio-G Shock special editions have a different market, which is the collectors’ who are so fond of watches that they are ready to pay extreme sums for a rarity. Let us see two of the best Singapore sites now, where you can shop watches online:

Watchzen is arguably the most popular Singapore site where you can buy watches online. The site is not owned by someone who sells watches but even better, anyone can place ads here it is a classifieds’ site. This means a whole more colourful market that makes Watchzen more than worth looking up. Other great feature of WatchZen is that its free, you do not have to pay any membership fees to sign up. The site is not an online buying site though but through the site, you can contact the seller and talk through the details of watch buying. There are several rarities on this site and all of the great watches brands are represented over here, so it is more than worth browsing. Do not forget though that the “$” sign applies for Singapore Dollars and not USD.

Time Cottage
Time Cottage is another great Singapore online watch site where you can browse and buy watches online. The site deals with premiere brands, Swiss watches, US Watches, fashion watches and trendy watches. There are many discounts and “hot deals” on the site that are really worth checking out. Also, take care of the currency, so you do not fall into misunderstanding about the featured prices. The Time Cottage is a great site where you will find thousands of watches. This site is an online buying site so read the terms and conditions before signing up.

These are currently the best sites to buy watches online of Singapore. Visit both sites so you can compare prices and the possible discounts. WatchZen is also great because you can get in touch with multiple sellers from whom you can buy watches online in Singapore also later.

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