Palawan Beach

The Palawan Beach is among the most popular beaches of Singapore: first of all because of its very special situation on which we will later on tell more, second of all because its the main family friendly beach of Singapore with lots of fun programs for the children. Located in the Fun Island of Singapore Sentosa, Palawan is the classing beach style with a twist: where you can enjoy your beach time to the fullest.

Palawan beach is a very special beach of Singapore, because its southernmost point equals being the southern point of the Asian continent itself and this way, it represents the continental Asia’s closest point to the Equator. Sentosa Island is a very important part of Singapore, especially now that such great attractions have opened here as the Marine Museum and Aqua Park and the beautiful Universal Studios which is among the highest profile theme park brands in the world, being Continental Asia’s only, excluding Japan. Sentosa is the main place of free time activities containing a big part of preserved nature areas, the huge Resort World full of extra activities. Besides all these, many attractions are more fun over here, just like the Imbiah Lookout part of the Island where you can find such unique attractions as the Butterfly and Insect Kingdom, the Tiger Skye Tower, the Merlion of Sentosa, the 4D Cinema Theatre complex of Sentosa and the great cable car. It is a very special ride really worth trying!

Thanks to the Palawan –Tanjong Beach Tram you can easily move between these two so different beaches. While Palawan Beach is for the families and children then the Seloso is the sporty-party beach with restaurants, bars and so many sports activities.

Attractions of Palawan Beach include the Animal-Bird encounters a great open-air theatre featuring great animal shows with greatly trained parrots and monkeys. Here you can get the chance to sit next to one of these cute and clever animals and to get to know a lot on how to handle animals and what they like to eat and do during the say. This is a great funny show where animals show their intelligent and wittiness. It is a real must-see if you are with children. In addition, the famous Underwater World and the Dolphin Lagoon of Singapore are here nearby Palawan Beach giving you great chance to visit the highly interesting places where you get the chance to swim with the fish and has great informative and fun programs for the children.

If you are at Palawan Beach, you can also try the GoGreeen Cycle and Island Explorer program and the GoGreen Sedgeway Adventure both of these learning you a bit inside the wild nature where specific trails take care of your secure ride. Other great rides, fun parks are only some minutes away from the friendly Palawan Beach.

If you come to Sentosa no matter alone or with family have a great time in the Palawan Beach, a great fun beach where little and big all enjoy the beautiful white sand of Palawan Beach and of course the swimming in the wonderfully blue sea.

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