Plaines Wilhems

Talk about progress in Mauritius and you are referring to the district of Plaines Wilhems. One of the most advanced and vital districts in the country, Plaines Wilhems hosts some of the more progressive towns such as Beau-Bassin, Vacoas, and Phoenix. This landlocked district is divided into two plains: Lower Plaines Wilhems and Upper Plaines Wilhems. Since it is a progressive district, Plaines Wilhems is naturally one of the most populated in Mauritius.

As part of the central portion of the island-country, Plaines Wilhems belongs to the districts that produce a majority of Mauritius’ important products such as sugarcane, vegetables, and tea. And like other districts in Mauritius, Plaines Wilhems has a lot of attractions that can excite even the most lukewarm of tourists.

There’s Curepipe, which is the capital of Lower Plaines Wilhems. This town is a popular residential town with colonial structures, modern public establishments and a large and booming vegetable garden. There are scores of duty-free shops in Curepipe and budget conscious shoppers should be able to appreciate this.

[Rose Hill View]The counterpart of Curepipe, meanwhile, is Rose Hill, which is the capital of Upper Plaines Wilhems. Many consider it as an important municipality of Mauritius since it is largely residential in nature. Many ethnic groups also have homes in this city. It is also an educational center, what with the many schools and universities that have sprouted within its area. Large commercial establishments can also be found here, where shoppers can take delight in the various goods sold in the area. There is also an Arab town where Arabian goods and services can be bought or availed of.

Plaines Wilhems also has a good number of natural attractions such as the Trou Aux Cerfs, a volcano that is now extinct yet offers a great view of the island. Trekkers are fond of going to this place because of its well-defined crater. To assist trekkers in their voyage, some structures such as parking space and kiosks to shelter travelers have been put up.

Once a visitor reaches the summit, he can be treated to a good number of majestic sights. To the west is a good view of the Rempart Mountain. As a bonus, there is also a sight of the Les Trois Mamelles. To the northwest are the peaks of Mount St. Pierre. Just below are the towns of Curepipe and Phoenix. There’s also a view of the Mauritian capital of Port Louis.

Other rugged terrains that tourists can explore are Rempart Mountain and the breathtaking Mount St. Pierre. There’s also the Tamarin Mountain ranges that hosts wild species and lush green forests. Since it has grown into a melting pot of various races and ethnic groups, Plaines Wilhems culture is diverse. While it retains some glimpses of its colonial past, traces of Indian and Asian traditions are observed in the district, proof of the diversity in its culture and population. With its good mix of modern come-ons such as commercial establishments, urban living, and great natural attractions, the district of Plaines Wilhems is among the first places any tourist should visit in Mauritius.

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