Popular Digital Watches in Singapore

Digital watches have first appeared on the watch market in the sixties but their top fame came in the Eighties known as Quartz watches. However, their fame got lower and as of today, the most popular watches are still the mechanical watches while the usage of digital watches is more or less limited to cheap trendy or for the professional timers and sports watches. Singapore is a very sporty nation and therefore the number of sport stores is high here. Also, thanks to its closeness to Japan, Japanese digital watches are quite popular in Singapore too. So, let us see where we can get digital watches in this beautiful city.

If we are hunting for digital watches in Singapore there are three main stops we should consider being the first ones to take: The first stop to mention should be the Funan Digital Mall where, as its name says all sorts of digital items are highly available for a great price! Digital watches, such as Casio, Citizen, Seiko are sold here in great numbers and for great prices. A good Casio can be bought in Singapore for already about 50 Singapore Dollars. Next to Casio, you should not miss the Armitron brand that also deals with new age digital watches, which look fashionable, come with leather straps and can be worn with a suit as well as with sportswear. Funan Digital Mall has an extensive range of digital watches on offer and their discounts are incomparably better than of the other malls. The label stores of Casio, Citizen and Seiko can be found all over the town especially on Orchard Road.

You should also visit one store of the City Chain Watches Group. This group is among the best in Singapore because it deals with a great range of sports and trendy watches. The digital watches that may interest us at City Chain are from Timex, Seiko, Adidas, Smash!, Nike, Oakley or the famous Casio. The Casio G-Shock and Baby G digital watches are so popular in Asia that Casio had to set up their own label stores because of the extreme interest. These watches are big yet very trendy. Collectors buy their limited releases up the quickest. The stores of City Chain and G-Shock can be found in almost every shopping malls of Singapore. We can especially suggest you to visit the ION Orchard. G-Shock watches have their stores also all around Singapore in most shopping malls and in other shopping areas. Far East Plaza should be our next stop because this plaza is very famous for offering some of the cheapest items for the customers. This shopping mall has an extensive number of watch shops where you can get extra cheap digital watches. In Far East Plaza, you can find the huge store of HJ Watches and Jewellery that deals with some of the greatest range of watches. HJ offers new and slightly used watches. The list of the watches brands they are dealing with is very long. You will find lots of cheaper or expensive digital watches over here.

If you are looking for great offers on digital watches, you should not miss visiting the Little Indian district, especially the Serangoon Road which is full of watch stores and watch repair. Tanglin Road is another popular area for watch shoppers.

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