Quality Watches For Men in Singapore

Are you looking for men’s watches in Singapore? Don’t get lost, only read our article and get ready for a great exploring and sightseeing tour which you will take around the city, in search of men’s watches and of course also the great attractions of the city which you shouldn’t miss to see. If you are the targeted shopper though just follow your instincts and with our help, you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Singapore is a real shopping paradise of Asia so much that it received hundreds of thousands of tourists monthly many of which are coming to Singapore for the sake of shopping. The most exclusive brands of men’s watches as we know are highly expensive, especially when it comes to the complicated men’s watches such as the specific aviation, marine, sports or the so-called complicated watches, which mean the very best quality in the art of watch making. We can get to see the most beautiful complicated men’s watches in the collections of Patek Philippe that has the world’s most expensive watch and the collections of all top Swiss watchmakers such as Longines, TAG Heuer, Omega, Rolex, Breguet or Hublot. Many of these brands have prepared their specific collections for marine or aviation purposes, which mean that these men’s watches have been prepared with the highest care, and include dozens of specific features and have the same amount of special characteristics. Today, fashion brands all have their quality collection of men’s watches and you can choose from so many types that in real it all depend on your personal flavour and purse on what watch you want to have.

Singapore is full of watches stores, the top quality of which are located in the huge shopping malls of the city and the smaller ones have many shops in every part of the city. If you go to the shopping malls in search of men’s watches, we can suggest you to look for some stores of the best retailers such as the SINCERE. It owns the majority of top quality watches together with The Glass Hour and the shops of these two companies can be found in many of the biggest shopping malls of Singapore such as the ION Orchard. Other retailers important to mention include the City Chain and the Yuen Long Watch Company both of which you can find in the Suntec City Mall along the Orchard Road. Yuen Long is the most worth visiting for its huge collection of timepieces that includes about forty different brands for highly attractive prices and from the hands of real watch professionals.

What city will pop out in your mind when you hear the word “the city of shopping”? Some maybe think of some cities in America, Middle East, or Asia. In the region of South East Asia, there is no other city to think of: it is Singapore. Although the country-city has the smallest area in the region, it is proven that it has more to offer to the shopaholics around the world. It has become the first destination for international shoppers who want to find branded fashion products in reasonable price. Not only fashion products, it also has some world-class entertainment centers that will spoil the visitors. Still, the most popular destinations are Singapore shopping malls and markets. What do people buy there? Clothes, jewelries, accessories, and other fashionable items from popular world-class brand. The shoppers are not only women, the ones who are considered as shoppers and money-waters. Men are also visiting Singapore to enjoy the beauty of high lifestyle and getting high quality products in fair price. Man buys clothes, jewelry, accessories, and man watches.

Although man is not specifically fond of any jewellery or accessories, watch is a different story. Watch is considered as an obligatory item functions as the time-reminder and partner to help him coming to important appointment. Following the function of the watch, now man watches are also considered as a performance sweetener. The watchmakers realize that watch is crucial and important, and it is always used in any occasion regardless the formality of it. Therefore the industry of watch manufacturing for men becomes a good business, started centuries ago. Now, man watches are a statement of punctuality and fashion. Name any big fashion brand such Hugo Boss, Armani, Guess, Michael Kors, and Bvlgari, for examples. Although the companies are not company specializing in watchmaking, they have their exclusive series of watches for men. Other than those fashion brands, the special watch makers such as Rolex, Omega, Timex, Seiko, Casio, Citizen, Tag Heuer, Polar, Tissot, Fossil, Rado, Longines. and the others compete in the man watch market since a long time ago; bringing the legacy of high-end technology and authenticity which is exclusive for each brand.

Luxurious watches for man are usually made of high quality metals such as stainless steel, or even silver and gold. Some super exclusive collections are enriched with the embodiment of diamond or crystal as luxury decorations and fashion statement. For people who are allergic with metals, nowadays there are some new sporty collections of watch for man, made of the combination between rubbers, leather, plastic, or silicon. The thing is, everything needed by a man on a watch is all available in the market. The classic design of watch for man is round-shaped watch with strap made of metal or leather. The contemporary designs are initiated by the watch artisan – rectangular or squared-shaped watches are now sold in the market. They are created because a watch is not merely a timepiece anymore, it is also a fashion item, conveying enhancement task and property for the user.

To get man watches in Singapore is easy. There are many shopping malls in the area of Orchard Road or Marina bays that provide high quality timepieces from reliable companies or watchmakers. The Hour Glass is one of the biggest watch retails, providing various luxury watch brands for man and woman. It has some branches in all over Singapore, such as in ION Orchard, Knightsbride, Takashimaya, and the others. For you who prefer cheap watch, you can visit traditional Indian or Chinese markets in Singapore that sell fair quality watches in more affordable prices. Or, for you who do not like shopping around in the city, the modern Singapore has provided you with some options of online shopping. Visit some Singaporean online shops to order your favorite man watches which are accessible on the online catalogue. Yet, be careful, do not be a victim of counterfeiting or fraud. If you want to buy authentic designer brand, it is better if you contact the official store of the brand. Check the quality and the reliability of your watch providers before making an order. Make your watch shopping experience is as fun as the other shopping experience. In Singapore, everything is potential to be fun!

If you want see some unique watches in Singapore, then you should first visit the store of Red Army Watches where some real high quality antique and newly made men’s watches are made which come from the ex-USSR times top watch factories. You can find their shop in the Wisma Atria Shopping mall. Secondly, you should check out the Skagen watches, which represent a new generation designs by a great Danish team who is behind the name. Their men’s watches are famous all over Singapore. The brand store of Skagen is also located within the Wisma Shopping Mall. The Toy Watch is also a very young and competitive Italian brand that hopes for a breakthrough due to its fresh style and great variety of watches.

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